Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Wonder

For, lo, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of the singing of birds is come,
And the voice of the turtle
Is heard in our land

Song of Solomon 2:11-12

* * *

Well . . . I heard a frog in the fountain yesterday, but alas no turtle, yet . . .

Once upon a time, while out planting some spring flowers, I heard a steady-paced munching. As I dug and planted I looked around in wonderment as the feasting continued . . . "Munch, munch, munch . . ." Suddenly I pulled back a leaf and espied a round-shelled turtle happily chomping away on my early-ripening strawberries.

I visited with this fellow on many occasions over the ensuing weeks -- me gardening, he dining (on my garden). He lived in my gardens for quite a spell, having been duly named Mr. Alderman Ptolemy Turtle ("Mr Apt," for short).

Alas, when the pool builders arrived and dug through his munching grounds to install water piping, we captured Mr. Apt and placed him in a kiddie pool for "temporary" safekeeping. He was not amused, nor very forgiving; he escaped the aqua garrison and made off from my gardens never to return -- not even pausing to bid adieu.

I have yet to see another turtle in my gardens, but happily this verse reminds me of "Mr. Apt" and the springtime experience of once hearing the "voice" of the turtle in my land. (*Munch! Munch!*) and hoping to hear it again some wonderful Spring Day.

* I posted this automatically, as I often do. The sun shone and the flowers danced when I pushed the button. Today I awoke to soft fluffy flakes of snow swirling all around. I shall celebrate spring in my heart as I snuggle by the fire with a mug of cocoa and a Wendell Berry book. Surely there will be no spring turtles sharing their voice in my garden today.


Katrina said...

Awoke to snow this morning as well, after a beautiful warm spring day yesterday, working outside with out a coat... I was so surprised but like you said a mug and a book can be nice as well. ;o)

Your comment at Prairie Chick's intrigued me and so I thought I'd pop over to say hello. I am glad I did. I also have a picture very similar of myself to the "dancing" one in your sidebar and I love that quote by Mark Twain.

Anonymous said...

Do you hear turtles? Or see them? Beautiful weather! My trees are in bloom but geez they stink...allergies are on their way.

sukipoet said...

wonderful story of your friend Mr. Apt. I too awoke to snow flakes fluttering. This after a glorious week of spring fever. Ah well. I love Wendell berry.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow snow today! unthinkable! have a wonderful day :)

dawn klinge said...

I always wondered what sort of sound a turtle makes. :) So it's munching!
Enjoy your day of reading inside while it snows.

Anonymous said...

I was going to post en envy note about your lovely spring compared to us still snowing down up here.....

It has snowed all day though. Now I don't find this funny any more....

skywind said...

Winter has past, spring is finally in people's looking forward to the coming in slowly. :)
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Karen Deborah said...

Do turtles make any sounds at all?
Snow again? Come hither to the south my dear and have a Mediterranean feast on my car port. When we play our Romance in Venice CD we can fairly see the water, and watch the gondolas go by. See that sail boat out yonder?

Karen Deborah said...

ummm ps. If Mr Apt got that peeved with the pool he may have been a LAND lubber.

Joyce said...

I very much enjoyed reading about Mr. Apt the turtle. :)

Werna Gail said...

We have a Gopher turtle and she loves romane lettuce which I treat her with whenever I spot her in the yard...I say her as I saw her lay eggs last year. This post inspiried me to read some in Solomon, I do believe the turtle referred to there is a turtle DOVE.
Thanks for getting me into a word it.

Virginia said...

Wonderful post.
Happy Spring and many Blessings,

Karey Swan said...

Is that yellow flowering bush forsythia? I ordered 3 of them, and the area I'm planting them in is a new area behind our hot tub we got for our aging bodies who's cast-iron hinges need soothing (see the quote at the end of my blog I just posted).

I mentioned your blog in mine just now cuz I was wanting to do a follow-up to your Monet bridge painting with the actual water garden he planted in his yard (estate) in an Artist's Garden book I have.

A turtle would be fun find.

Sharon Goemaere said...

Hi Debbie...stopping by to say hi!Hi.LOL Loved this post.Love~Sharon