Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Storms = Reading Fun

After I finished tidying the cottage today, the BIG storm rolled in.  It has proven less-than-BIG, thus far -- a few BOOMS now and again, but all in all it has been a pretty nice rainy day.  The gardens love soaking up the moisture and we love the care-free watering method God designed.

Since this cool day landed smack in the middle of some pretty warm days, we all welcomed it.  

As I put the vacuum away, I asked Elizabeth to set the teakettle to boiling.  I fixed tea trays for the studious ones, Lydia and Rachel, with bread-butter-strawberry jam and a hot cuppa African Nectar tea for each.  Elizabeth and I shared a pot of Honeybush tea while we settled in for some rainy day reading.

I looked with delight on some of 
my newest reading arrivals: 

 Anyone see a theme?

I think I shall call my summer reading
"Delicious Inspiration."
And it has been . . . 

What are you reading/eating these days?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thousands of Words About Summer

* * *

Summer has finally arrived here at Wisteria Cottage.

We welcome you to
settle back into the comfy wicker, 
nibble a lemon bar, 
inhale the sweet fragrance of wisteria, 
and spend a summertime moment with us.  

These pictures make words unnecessary . . .

don't you agree?

From our cottage to yours:

Happy Summertime!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Wonder

And the earth brought forth grass, 
and herb yielding seed after his kind, 
and the tree yielding fruit, 
whose seed was in itself, 
after his kind: 
and God saw that it was good.
Genesis 1:12

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fairytale Cooking

 Go out into the gardens
(beautiful flowing dress and dancing slippers optional)

Gather fragrance-bearing beauty with abandon
(organic only, please)

All colors

All shapes

All beautiful

Then . . .

Shed the petals

Pour into a bowl

Add boiling water and steep for six hours
(Be prepared to relax and enjoy the amazing aroma)

 Drain and reserve the rosewater

~~ a shade of pink I can only call LUSCIOUS ~~

and cook as you would any jelly.
(recipe link below)

Ladle into jars and cool.

Stand back in amazement at the beauty . . .
then taste

(preferably dolloped onto a freshly-baked scone).

And They Dined Happily Ever After

* * * * *

Find an inspirational post with recipe here.

(I just LOVE Mia's blog!)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Blogger Comes to Call

You think about it . . .

You wonder what it would be like . . .

You wish for it . . .

. . . even pausing to pray about it . . .

And then it happens –

 A blogger comes to visit.

A blogger from Down Under steps out of the virtual realm into reality . . .

And it is WONDERFUL!!

I had SO MUCH FUN when Kylie came to call.
I hope to return the favor with a visit . . . to Sydney

I’m thinking about it . . .

I’m wondering what it will be like . . .

I’m wishing for it . . .

I’m even starting to pray about it . . .

And maybe it will happen . . .

: D

For now I’m lacing up my blogger-dancing shoes
and preparing to blog again. 

It’s been a while . . .
but the visit with Kylie reminded me
what it was all about . . .


It's all good!