Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hush Fills the Air . . .

. . . a quiet moment appears.

‘Twixt mommy-ing, hearth-tending, and careful study in a day, I always stumble upon a truly quiet moment . . . a serendipitous pause . . . a peaceful gift.

This particular particle of time cannot be planned or scheduled. No calendar notation yields this moment. Just as a woodsy wanderer happens upon a sylvan clearing graced with a freshet of most glorious beauty – a rollicking rill filled with spangled stones sparkling in the late afternoon rays – I sit and stare in awe, drinking in the beauty, filling reservoirs of memory to carry forth and savor forevermore.

In that mere moment my pulse lulls, my breathing delves deep and cleansing. A truly peaceful moment descends.

Or maybe you find yourself slogging through a most arduous task of clearing a densely-overgrown thicket which threatens to choke out the woodland beauty. Briers and prickles, bloodied snags and unkind mutterings vanish in a flash when the travailing rake uncovers a nest of baby bunnies – all fawn-colored and sweet as if plucked from the pages of a Beatrix Potter tale. A smile splashes across your muddied face, warmth fills your grousing heart as you gaze upon the snuggling family.

All toil-filled thought washes away in the wake of such a gentle discovery.

I live for these moments, hiding in the crevices of every single day. Some pass quickly, like sitting at a stop sign and glancing toward a kiddie park at just the right moment to catch sight of a toddler running toward the sandpit with joyful abandon. Other instances linger like a nap woven through a hammocked-pause in a shady garden nook serenaded by trilling birdsong complete with honeybee refrain.

Expanded or oh-so-brief, I keep my senses fine-tuned and ready to receive the gift of a quiet moment, for therein lies joy.

Thou wilt show me the path of life:
In thy presence is fullness of joy;
At thy right hand there are pleasures
For evermore.

Psalm 16:11


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ahhhhhh.........i do so enjoy taking these walks with you... and I dont even envy the fact that never in my wildest could i come close to expressing myself like you do... Can you feel me relax :) I can
Love n hugs Laura

dawn klinge said...

I admire your way with words. My pulse slows down, I take a deeper breath....I stop and remember all there is to be joyful about when I read your lovely writing.

Werna Gail said...

What kind of tea are we having today? What a pretty kitty, is it a Maine Coon? It is always a blessing how you add "the Word" with each of your lovely posts. And yes they are truly relaxing.

Tealady said...

Dear Debbie,

You have an artist's eye and the soul of a poet. A visit to your blog is a retreat for me -- aah!

Blessings, Lana

Unknown said...

Well written and you made me long for one of those moments. Maybe I can find one in amongst cleaning the closets today - or maybe I'll just have to get outside to find one.

Anonymous said...

That was so beautiful Debbie! Just I need a moment!

gail said...

Hello Debbie,

You posts do that for me. We are off to our little caravan by the lake next week. Simple, but such a blessing to us. Lots of fishing for the big fella and I'll be stitching when I'm not out there fishing along with him. Can't wait. Will catch up on your blog when we get back.

Blessings Gail

Joyce said...

That was beautiful,Debbie. The thankful heart is looking for such moments.