Monday, July 21, 2008

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Post to Bring You a Public Service Announcement:

Can You Identify the Blogging Ditz in This Photo?
Announcer: "To those of you under the false impression that the creator of this blog has the ability to write prose, photograph beauty, balance life, twirl at a moment's notice, and check email regularly, I AM HERE TO INFORM YOU THAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISLEAD. The blogger in question (referred to as Wisteria and Roses or WR forthwith) is hereby exposed as a fraud! Yes, you heard that right, A FRAUD! Any woman who sets up an email account, begins a blog, and then FAILS to EVER check for messages should be exposed for the ditz that she is. Furthermore, the self-same WR, who upon noticing the oversight (nearly one month after opening the account), further neglected to even consider looking in the SPAM folder, citing a particular distaste for any tinned meats as just cause and excuse. Despite repeated pleadings based on an inherent lack of nerdliness (the good kind that understands computers, not the floody-pants-with-thick-glasses kind -- she admits to that from 3rd through 6th grades, but implored the courts not to bring up past offenses and was sustained), we found the defense faulty and proceeded to humiliate to the fullest extent of the bloglaw.

"We hereby announce to all readership that WR has acknowledged her silliness (though her daughter, who set up the account and gave SPECIFIC instructions for checking mail AND spam may NEVER let her forget it) and has prepared a written statement of apology to be read at this time."

WR: [penitently] "My dear readers . . . (*sniff*) . . . I confess and throw myself on the mercy of your readership. I have been terribly remiss in responding to the sweet emails that many of you have graced me with containing, encouragement, snickers and snorts, and hearty welcomes. Now, you know the truth, I am in need of technical advice in the worst way. (Scary, to think that I have been asked for some technical advice by some of you and scarier yet ... HAVE SUPPLIED IT!!!) Please know that I have married a man rich in computer nerdiness (I call it savvy and he smiles) and therefore have some chance at full recovery and proper re-entry into the blogdom. Furthermore, I do hereby promise to respond to all of your precious notes asap. In the meantime, I will administer large amounts of dark chocolate and attempt to heal from this experience in the best way I know how . . . ONWARD WITH THE BLOGGING! (After all, if I'd fallen off a horse you'd all be telling me to get right back on, right??? SOOOOO, here goes! TOWANDA!) ; )

Announcer: [Ahem . . . cough, cough] Yes, uhhhhh ... thank you Miss WR. Uh ... why are you running away?"
WR [calling from offstage]: I've gotta go check my email and spam, silly!"
Announcer: "Well, yes . . . uh, this public service announcement has been made on behalf of the Blogging-With-Brains police. We will now return you to your regularly scheduled blogpost in progress. Thank you for your time."


Jeanne said...

I can't say when I have been more amused at your take on blogging. A great post. I am also one to forget my email. I'm too busy trying to visit all these fun blogs. As the 'jury member' I pronounce you guilty but forgiven. Smile!

Thanks for visiting my post and for your sweet comments. My grands are still asleep or I wouldn't be here!

Hugs, Jeanne

Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Hi Debbie, great to meet you!

Cute post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and several of your previous posts too. I am blog-hopping from Beverly's "How Sweet the Sound" blog! Just wanted to say "Hi neighbor", since I'm in Newcastle.

I'll be back! Chris

Laura ~Peach~ said...


noble pig said...

You are so hilarious...Great pic of you, Wilma and Betty...I miss that cartoon.

Kathryn said...

That is hilarious! And I love the photo!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I truly appreciate it! :)

CIELO said...

Beautiful YOU! :)



Julie said...

Wait... does this mean that I might have email I haven't checked??? Eeeeek! *running off to consult my computer-savvy husband*

KJ said...

I've been to Bedrock! We went when I was in grade school. I lost a headband crawling through a tunnel.

I love your humor and silliness! The food, especially the kabobs, have cause my mouth to drown!

I came over from Tongue in Cheek, which is a lot further away than California—which is where we both live. However, I live in So. Cal.. I do believe that I have been here before since I've seen your comments on many blogs.

I've had a fun-filled visit! Love the nature sounds!