Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All Aboard the Blogger Express!

I sit here amazed that an entire month has elapsed since I first hit the button and launched "Wisteria and Roses." It seemed simple enough to create an online journal or maybe a site filled with all kinds of prettiness and gardens for others and myself to enter and enjoy as we paused from the pull and tug of daily life. A virtual oasis. Aaahhhh ... I pondered the freedom and relaxation afforded by this new electronic step. No longer would I send out copious emails for family happenings, but rather this site would be a "gathering place" or a "celebration station." Oh, yes, I convinced myself, the time freed up by this blogging placecard clearly justified the investment of time in learning to blog, which could only be a bit more labor intensive than email ... right?

Well, I sit here one month later and mutter "Huh?" when Blogger spits me out with a raspberried comment. ("Nice!") I'm overjoyed to be meeting so many new friends all over the world, but have discovered that my email friends don't blog; thus I now email AND blog. The ins and outs of multiple email boxes seemed to make so much sense in the beginning: This for blog, this for regular stuff ... But today I once again wrestled with the many formats and address books and personal flub-ups associated with my new-found joy in blogging and my ever-present deficit in caring about all these little details. But, I manged to piece together a format and schedule that brought it all under control, until the dreaded happened: "Blogger Unavailable" it shouted when I tried to post according to my tidy routine. I couldn't even comment on other blogs because, "Blogger Unavailable."

This threatened to send me into a tailspin. I stopped and plopped and wondered ... when did this become a job and stop being fun and exciting? And then I realized ... my perfectionistic tendencies had once again set up roadblocks and barriers. No Fun! So, I ripped up the schedule, tossed out my list of "must do" items, and let all the uptight ideas float downstream. Now I'm going for an evening drive in the convertible with my beloved husband (and oh-so-patient blog-partner/teacher/lifeguard) and let the wind blow through my hair and ignite the excitement of life once again ... yes, even blogger life. I'll see you later when I sport a fresh smile and wind-blown hair. (Oh wait, does that make me an airhead? Fiddle Dee Dee ... not gonna worry about that now, I've got a breeze to catch.) I'll be back on Faerie Tale Friday for more fun. ~~bye~~

* * * * * * * *
While I'm away I shall leave you in the very capable hands of Rachel, Filmmaker Extraordinaire. (That does mean "not ordinary," right?)

* * * * * *

In the cobwebs of my schoolgirl memories I recall hearing that "Art imitates life." Contrariwise, Oscar Wilde states "Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Well, either one works in the case of the following video clip gleaned from another of Rachel's archives. My lack of tidily-prepared posts makes this a timely and appropriate opportunity to share another "Magic Moment on Film" courtesy of my daughter Rachel. She masterfully captures my very attitude at this moment. (I only hope that Wilde's comment ultimately proves false, because the "Art" this kid comes up with could do me in.) ; )
Enjoy your ride on The Blogger Express. All Aboard!


Anonymous said...

You look nice with wind-blown hair.

Karen Deborah said...

vertigo attack!

and yes the awards are real, go to

noble pig said...

You are hilarious...blogger unavailable, I can see where you were thrown for a loop. Yikes!