Monday, July 21, 2008

THE ART OF BATHING: A Primer in Pamper

In order to bathe properly you must begin with TIME. Not merely enough time to lather, rinse, repeat; but rather the time to luxuriate, unfurl, and gently blossom with beauty. Our body requires a minimum of 20 minutes to fully open herself to receive the full benefits of bathing. So, once you have set aside an abundance of peaceful moments . . .

(Taking care to ensure your solitude remains uninterrupted)

. . . Select gelees, salts, and lotions . . .

. . . Add an abundance of pure water and essence of tranquility . . .
. . . Along with something to nourish the romance in your soul.
[NEVER this!]
Flood the room with soothing music . . .

. . . Taking great care to have something beautiful at the ready upon your exit.
Make a promise to yourself today.

~~~Now go be beautiful from the inside out. ~~~


Britt-Arnhild said...

When I wrote my If - I lived on a small island, a friend mentioned Anne Morrow Lindbergh's book and quoted her:
"I am content. I sit down at my desk, a bare kitchen table with a blotter, a bottle of ink, a sand dollar to weigh down one corner, a clam shell for a pen tray, the broken tip of a conch, pink tinged, to finger, and a row of shells to set my thoughts spinning"

Now I have this book on top of my wish list :-)

Joy said...

Such loveliness!