Friday, July 18, 2008

Faerie Tale Friday

Whoosh! Did you hear that … the sound of a week rushing right by? I stand on the threshold of Faerie Tale Friday once again. Oh my, so soon? Well, I shall simply put the kettle on to sing, measure the leaves into the teapot, set out some pretty china cups, and settle down for a wonderful adventure.

This week’s tale comes right from that every day ordinary experience of losing one sock in the washer. Now around here we toss the unclaimed mate into “The Sock Orphanage.” Some lucky socks find a mate soon and return to the land of neatly-paired-in-drawers (or in Rachel’s case, neatly-paired-and-lying-on-the-floor). But what happens to those unfortunate socks that never find their mate?

Well, in our wooded land the Crafty Ones lurk and peer, hoping to steal away unsuspecting items. Like faeries after changelings, those Crafty Ones whisk away the mateless ones and carry them far beyond the horizon of Laundryland to a new life. Meeting up with bits of yarn, leftover fabric, errant buttons, and all manner of glittery goo-gaws, these lonely knitted ones become princesses and superheroes of the knotted world. By chance I stumbled upon a gathering of former sock orphans. I stood in awe at the masterful change wrought through a bit of adornment, a dash of whimsy, and a generous helping of the kind-hearted love of children.

Not only did I espy the formerly useless ones in reunion, but they had met up with a collection of orphan characters. The heap of books shared the triumphant adventures of ever so many orphaned ones. I met each soft-bodied participant, then turned and eagerly greeted all those I had read so long ago and nearly forgotten. Those Happy Orpheline, that plucky Anne with an "E" and a host of other Montgomery heroines, mountain-climbing Heidi, babies dropped on doorsteps, kids left single by epidemics or in the clutches of a wicked step-mother, and all other forms of abandonment one can imagine. I thumbed through the books whilst sipping my tea, eager to launch into a re-read of every one of these treasures and their marvelous happily-ever-after endings. Hope bound between the covers or hope stitched onto a sock, it mattered not so long as hope made an appearance.
Lost in wonderings and musings I turned to refill my teacup and ran smack into an angry mob brandishing signs reading: WE DEMAND EQUAL TIME FOR PIPECLEANERS!

I stopped, stunned at the realization that politics had entered my Faerie Tale Friday reverie.

* * * * *
[The Artists: Elizabeth, Lydia, Rachel]
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Julie said...

Those are the cutest little sock creatures I have ever seen! I think I should make some with my girls and give the many, many sock orphans at our house a new lease on their little sock lives!

(Oh, and I love the photography... how fun!)

Kathy said...

How wonderfully creative you are! Love your blog

Autumn said...

That's so cute!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

love the sock creations! fun!

Sarah Brooks said...

The sock orphanage! That is so cute. We have one but I never actually take the time to sort through it. They've probably forgotten who they belong to by now.

I am about to fall asleep hanging out at your blog. AND NOT BECAUSE I AM BORED! It's the music! It's lovely!

I was sorry to read about your Andrew! How blessed you are that you will see him again someday!

CIELO said...

I love love that tea set; so refine and femenine.... and the little fairy dancing to the tune of sunshine on the other post is just too lovely.... enjoy life, my sweet friend...



noble pig said...

Okay you have me laughing hysterically..I also have a sock orphanage.

Becky said...

LOL! I am showing this to my sock snowman... He'll be so thrilled to see his family. ;-)

lisaschaos said...

Looks like some people and socks had a great time! I love that first little princess sock!

Greyscale Territory said...

Your sock idea is just brilliant! You have given being an orphan some amazing dignity!

FancyHorse said...

What cleverness, what imagination, what joy! I love reading this. Since it's just me and my husband at home now, and we often wear sandals in the summertime, we don't have the sock problem like we used to. I wish I had been clever enough to think of so delightful a solution!

Flea said...

LOVE the superhero! Your sock artists are quite talented! My sock orphans go into the trash if their mate doesn't show up after a couple of months. Poor little socks. They live on my dresser. Poor little dresser.

Your faerie is most ingenious.

Cecily R said...

Those are the best sock creations I have EVER seen! My daughter would LOVE this as a project. in fact, she is jealous and doesn't even know about it. Its that cool!!!!

PERfect PSF! Loved every second of it!!!

Sorry I am so behind on my hosting and commenting duties. Getting a stomach virus made looking at a computer screen just too much this weekend.

Karen Deborah said...

I am falling off the chair from laughing. I knew RK would shake it up! There is the first perfectly cute baby sock doll and then,....ta da da,.... the creations of the littlest ANGEL, Zorro sock dolls!! Whooo hooo she can sell those on e bay for a mint. Reproduce the sock orphanage you are onto something!
Aunt Nanny's baby!