Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Wonder

Thou hast made summer . . .
Psalm 74:17b

Thank you, Dear Lord.

I wouldn't want to mislead anyone . . . the bowl of cherries is not from my trees, but rather from a friendly organic vendor at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market here in town.

The tree, however, stands in my gardens and feeds the birds nicely. : D


kylie said...

hi deb
that bowl of cherries looks gorgeous.
i liked your post "sweet harvest"
i remember the first time i was told that the job of a parent is to make themselves obsolete. it shocked me at first but of course it is a succinct way to express the reality.
it looks like you are well on the way to a special brand of obsolescence :)
my sympathies to lydia over the discomfort and annoyance of her mystery illness.
nurse and patient have my prayers


Linda said...

The cherries look wonderful! We've had some delicious bing cherries this spring. I love summer with the fresh fruit!

Sharon said...

Simply wonderful Deb.Love~Sharon

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

The cherries looks awesome. I love them too :)