Monday, June 8, 2009

Ladies' Day Out

The chicks had their first day out
in "the country"
this past weekend.

Farmer Dad loaded them gently into a transport pod
(also known as a box)
and headed out to the site of their future country home.

A friendly smile greeted them at the gateway,

But did little to impress them.

They huddled in the box and blinked.

A most familiar face called them out to play.

They sat firmly fixed in the familiar box.

Soon another familiar face emptied them from the box,

To which they returned in a flash of feathers.

With the box removed altogether,
the gals began to warm up to the surrounds

Though they still sought out their "Papa,"
from whom all good things flow --
like fresh water, clean bedding, and so on.
(No, I do not tidy the brooder. Ick!)

Curiosity captured Mr. Darcy
as he sat spellbound OUTSIDE the playground.

Within no time all seemed at ease.

Rachel excitedly reported that "freckles" caught a bug and ate it.

We all sighed with relief that a makeshift brooder
and a flood of loving cuddles
had not interrupted the course of Nature.

* * * * *

And so another day at Wisteria Cottage drew to a close.
With chicks back safely in the brooder,
being still a bit young for the chilly nights,
we settled around our new outdoor dining table
with space for all and food, too.
(The chic french bistro tables have been replaced
as the family grows.)

We enjoyed BBQ lima bean soup, cornbread (yes, again)
fried green tomatoes, carrots, watermelon,
and refreshing iced tea
(unsweet, for you southern gals).

I sat and smiled as we chatted about the gardens and the chicks,
then on to politics, literature, and all the rest
wrapped up in a sweet sigh proclaiming,
"God is Good."

I gazed over in the setting sun to see my vibrant rose
GLOWING in the dying rays of another wonderful day.

Did I mention that I scouted out
the little metal tag around this rose's ankle?
Her name is:

Dream Come True

How fitting!

: D

My sister arrives tomorrow . . . [GRIN!!!] . . . my blogging may fade for a bit; but I will surely return with MANY new adventures to tell.
Enjoy your week!


Kat said...

Oh what a day! So happy the chics made their transition so well. And a outdoor family dinner! It doesn't get any better. :)
Hope you have a wonderful visit with your sister!

Flea said...

Looks like a good time was had by all, including the chicks! So their enclosure is cat proof?

Becky said...

I don't blame those gals... I don't like living outside the box either. However, I have been dumped out as well. ;-)

LOL, Farmer Dad is a chick magnet.

Karen Deborah said...

Becky's comment is funny, a chic magnet. Flea is right about cat proofing. The cats will kill those chickens while they are young. Once they are big mama's no worries.

I love love love the pictures and the table, the dinner, everything!

I'm so jealous of your sister, but it's going to work out somehow, me next!

gail said...

What a lovely day for you all, Debbie. Hope you and you sister have a special time together and we'll look forward to hearing all your news.

Blessings Gail

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

What a wonderful day. Your cup runneth over...and with your sister coming for a visit too! Have a lovely time together, and be sure to tell us all about it when things settle down.

Elizabeth said...

I loved the telling of your day..Poor Christiana is now terrified of Chickens (even baby chicks) We went to a church picnic on Sunday at a church members home who had free range chickens, who decided her plump fingers and chubby legs would taste good, so 3 times she was pecked...Poor babe was SO SCARED!

June said...

Hi Debbie,
I love to come over here and see what you are up to. You are always busy with thiings around the place. I LOVE it. You all look content around the table. It's a great life!

noble pig said...

Bye, bye birdies!

imbeingheldhostage said...

It's always like I've stepped into a magical world when I come here-- you can turn a post about chickens, lunch and a gorgeous rose into a must read. :-)

Enjoy your visit with your sister!

Kathy said...

I love to visit your blog. I so want hens again, but the time is not yet right. I am gone from home too much. The grandson wants chicks, but after some thought and discussion with me on responsibility, he decided he isn't ready to make the commitment to get up early every day, holiday and vacations, to care for his charges. I guess he is not a morning person.
Your family dining area is perfect. Your roses are perfect. I am having a terrible time doing right by my sad little roses.
When Karen comes to visit, will her share her just a little? ;-)

Kathy said...

Oh yes, one other thing. Mules can be scarier than horses. There is that 'stubborn' factor to be considered.

Yolanda said...

Have a wonderful time with your sister.

Sit-N-Chat said...

I always enjoy seeing what you are doing, growing, and what you are eating. :) The outdoor meal looks like fun and the courter fellow is a handsome young man.
We would have problems with coyotes and skunks after the little chicks. What kind of chickens are they? Egg layers? We had chickens in the yard behind our apartments. We had a pen with wheels on one end and we could move it around every other day. We enjoyed the fresh eggs. I just hated keeping the chicken caged. I remember chickens running all over my grandmother's place. My sister lives in the country and we are going to order some chicks and share the responsibilities, keeping them there.
I wish you a merry time with your sister.


Davene said...

That rose is gorgeous!

But BBQ lima bean soup? I've never heard of such a thing! :)

Thanks for sharing some of the delights from your corner of the world. Have a great weekend!

FancyHorse said...

I'm glad your chicks are adjusting to their new home. I felt sorry for them, all clustered up together without the security of their box! I enjoyed reading this, and your dinner on the porch looks delightful!

Karey said...

What a nice chicken yard you've made for them! But I don't see a wire on the top. We had problems from several areas: fox trying to dig under (so we dug down and bent wire out a bit), raccoons crawling over or their little fingers opening latches, and owls or hawks flying in from above!

So glad you have a great relationship with your sister and you had a nice visit! Sounded wonderful, and more memories to share.

Love your roses. I think I want to do more roses. I have to do Canadian bread roses - no hybrid tea roses, so don't know if I can have as beautiful ones as yours. Mine and peonies are about to bloom.

Susan Boyles song is on your playlist - how fun! I loved watching the amazed judges and audience on the youTube video!! I had Dawson create a playlist on his VERY old iPod for me and am enjoying his shuffle (tho he put a short Sponge Bob bit in there - for my 'literacy' he said!)