Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Coop With A View

All manner of construction had been completed, including the birdnetting overhead . . .

. . . to make sure this guy and his ghoulish friends didn't descend and spoil the chicks' party . . .

But the party couldn't begin until the warm breaths of a Summer's day filled the evening with balmy comfort for our Spring Chicks. Our little ladies had not grown accustomed to chilly nights yet, and so they played out in the day, returning each eve to the warmth of our home. We jokingly referred to it as the Peck 'n' Scratch B&B. (Though once they they began playing outdoors all day they came in and flopped down to sleep just like little children after an all-day play in the park.)

Finally Summer peeked out and gave us the nod.

The simple Shasta Daisy always heralds summer's arrival in these parts.

So despite my utter enjoyment in the cool spring-like days, I welcomed the warmth and the end to indoor chickies. (I'd say this air purifier sums it up pretty well. YUCK!)

A custom home featuring a room for each gal and plenty of onsight catering served as a welcome sight for the flock as they moved to the country.

They gave the inside a thorough inspection, clucking their approval with each peck and scratch,

Then proceeded to explore the gardens, enjoying the stonescaping as each one vied to climb higher than the other or dig deeper. (I hope all of this competition plays out in unparalleled egg production.)

Miss Bossy Britches (affectionately referred to as B.B., though she is one bossy chick), gave the final cluck of approval as all the chicks retreated into the cottage. The door (on top of the coop) slides firmly into place with a padlock for protection. Our crafty raccoons will not be picking locks and freeing these girls.

Oh wait! Before you close that door make sure Freckles isn't off on an adventure. She may have lost her easily identifiable freckles (all the grown-up feathers have arrived and the chicks look pretty much the same now), but her wanderlust personality makes her easy to spot. B.B. tries to keep her with the flock, but rarely do we see Miss Freckles among the gang. Generally she is out while they are in and she is up on a rock when they are settled down in the shade of the trees for a siesta. Any wonder why Rachel favors this kindred?

Ah yes, before any chicken plantation can be counted complete one must be sure to include a "Watch Cat."

Mr. Bingley sits on guard at the entrance but has made no attempt to enter the compound. Personally, I think he is watching out for our safety as we enter in amongst those flighty feathered things who squawk and scratch and behave in a most undignified manner according to cat etiquette. Once we leave the pen and journey back to the house the cats follow suit and leave the chicks to their clique.

And so another sunset takes place here at Wisteria Cottage as we continue learning and discovering and re-evaluating all that goes into farmin' in a dell here in Grass Valley.

Frankly, this is one day I plan to put up my feet and celebrate another milestone in the "growing" years in this family.

Aaaaahhhhh the SWEET smell of success!

"Night, night little country chicks."


Becky said...

I like freckles style ;-)

Kat said...

It all looks so beautiful! :)

Kelley said...

Aww, sounds like a busy day for the ladies...
And Freckles, what a sweet little thing is she...
Wishing you a weekend filled with sweet and simple joys ♥

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

Your coop looks wonderful--chickie heaven!

And was that a real buzzard!!!!

farmlady said...

It's not that Buzzard you have to worry about. He'll just pick up the pieces. It's the hawks. Be watchful when they are outside. They are so cute and still very small.
Nice chicken coop. Have fun with them.Love the names.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Yes Tillie,
That really was a buzzard. He had four friends and they were parked in a dead tree far on the corner of our property. Gary used the BIG lens to captures their peculiar "beauty." I laughed to see there were four of them and expected some Beatles harmonizing a la Disney's Jungle Book.

Yes indeed those are cute chicks and since the hawks majestically soar and sample at will from our lands, we are on guard. Most recently we saw one swoop and flap away with a snake in beak as we reclined in the pool. Dangerous lands of incredible beauty. We do keep those chickies under careful watch. : )

Karen Deborah said...

you have chicks with personality! Very good job on the coop, made by your resident inventor I presume.
Looks like a lovely day.

Flea said...

Such a happy looking arrangement for all! All except Mr. Buzzard, poor dear. :)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Dear Debbie.
What a lovely coop and what a lovey blog post.

I have been away for a long time, now it feels perfectly good to be back with you :-)

June said...

I loved seein' the chicks new digs. No doubt they will be very happy here.