Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Blustery Day

The skies continue to sport clouds and the breezes pick up into bona fide winds now and again, sending the chimes into a chorus of song. This may not be the "summery" weather than Mother Nature graced us with last week, but I for one enjoy the changeability. (Soon enough it will be HOT for days on end.)

And so I set about the business of brewing tea and selecting something new to read for my lazy-day pleasure. (Shouldn't every day be a Lazy Friday?) I have selected Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' Cross Creek for a reread as I await delivery of her collected short stories and a cookbook she authored full of recipes for the regional dishes mentioned in this glimpse into the Florida life of the 20's and 30's. You may be familiar with Rawlings' most famous work, The Yearling. Cross Creek chronicles her move to Florida and her surprise at meeting the people and the customs that would later inhabit her best works. As a writer, I am fascinated with writers' lives and their inspiration -- generally found right around them. If you can catch the film version starring Mary Steenburgen, I highly recommend it. The magnificent beauty of the Florida swamps will amaze you. God sure did build a variety of beauty into this world.

(Note of caution: these people lead a hard life in a harsh land -- may not be suitable for the delicate or young. Nothing vulgar or brutal . . . simply too hard for some, I fear.)

Speaking of variety, I have put aside our salad and berry bowls for the moment and reached back for some chilly weather food. Ah yes, chili and cornbread really hits the spot on a nippy, drippy day. That delightful invention, the pressure cooker, allowed me to whip this chili up on a whim within an hour.

Tonight I will be experimenting with a BBQ Beef Stew in the cooker. A basket of biscuits alongside will satisfy all and keep me in my "country cookin'" motif that goes along with my current literary feast.

On a different note . . . as for those adorable chicks that surely need to be moving OUT of the house soon and into the special fortress being erected in the spacious woodland pen . . . well, that hasn't happened yet. And these stinky cuties have moved up in the world. Having outgrown the two previous accommodations, they now reside in a wardrobe box purchased from the local moving depot. This custom designed townhouse features water and food (naturally), and a specially-designed perch to hold six (though only two really vie for superiority). The lavish window treatments and air purification system (I insisted!) complete the decor. And yet . . .

. . . these chicks yearn for more. They seek a rooftop garden (not included in this indoor lease) and fly up and out at every chance they get. Whoever chronicled their NON-flying habit had never met these young ladies. They fly . . . oh and do they squawk when intercepted.

Though we intended to refrain from naming the fluffy little balls of down that captured our hearts just a few short weeks ago . . . we caved. Okay, I caved right after Rachel named her favorite "Freckles." Freckles and Miss BB (Bossy Britches) vied for leadership and Miss BB named herself the winner. She regularly bosses Miss Priss (a beauty who looks encased all in mink), my personal favorite who has proven to be beautiful and nothing more. She may stand tall with perfect chick-posture, but she's still sporting down where others have feathers and her tailfeathers still look like a powderpuff -- no feathers. She's "immature" as Rachel kindly states and a wee bit slow -- as in "Duh!" But pretty is as pretty does; she's nice to be around.

Now Violet is the shy little one who is obviously younger than all the rest. Her diminutive little frame is just beginning to sport real feathers, but she can still be found backing into a corner to avoid the onslaught of chick banter so casually flung around the brooder. Lastly we have Sharon and Susan (named for the twins in The Parent Trap since we can't tell them apart). So who are these cuties poking their head out for a closer look? Freckles is above and Miss BB below, though they each take a look whenever they find a free window. Oh how I wish the weather hadn't turned chill. I am SO READY for these gals to move into their country home.

Despite all the wind and rain (and lightening and thunder which reduced this writer to tears as she buried her head in Gary's big strong arms as we attempted to watch an episode of The Waltons and think on simpler times and ways), I have managed to enjoy the steady display of the garden beauties. This pretty rose (name escapes me, though her pic in the catalog suggested a demure pink ruffled gown and she is anything BUT demure in this loud and gorgeous "Copacabana" costume) shakes up the pastel format and makes me smile every time I glance out my kitchen window.

"Notice me!" she cries gleefully.

And I always do, with a smile.

: D


Flea said...

Love your chickies! Miss BB is a dear, I'm sure. ;) Are they intended for the dinner table?

Becky said...

I loved the thunder storms but I am accustomed to loud noises, lol.

The Chicks are adorable and the Copacabana rose is gorgeous.

Kat said...

I was just saying that I wanted to make cornbread today. Yesterday was sunny and 78 degrees, and all I could think of was blueberries and kool aid. Today is dreary and 55, and I want some cornbread. :)

I have been stopping to notice the flowers lately, and that one is gorgeous!

farmlady said...

You have 6 pre-school chickens in the house? Ah, the fragrance of "bebe pollet" Sweet little babies need a new home..., soon.
If that rose has a strong fragrance and I think it does( it looks like a Double Delight ) you need to bring a big bouquet of them indoors and set them next to the baby chicks. Might help!

When is dinner? We'll be there. That chili and cornbread looks delicious.

I love this weather!!!!!

Ruth MacC said...

Ah cornbread! My American friend gave me the recipe for that and I made it a few times, just love it. It is the only thing I can remember ever baking from a recipe...

We had brilliant weather for about 6 days and then today was wet, windy and FREEZING! It's Seans birthday tomorrow and we were planning to have a beach party today but when the weather was so great on Tuesday we changed the plans and had it then. Just as well. We had a fun day.

I am sitting in my nightie, enjoying visiting my blogger friends, in front of the coal fire and am as happy a Larry:0)

Some June!!!

Hope you are too.

Ruth MacC said...

By the way,
thank you for your VERY encouraging comment on the post about judging. I really appreciated it sister.

Karey said...

Memories ... we will probably do chickens again some year; do a new smaller coop and fewer chickens than before.

My first bought chicks lived in our unfinished upstairs awhile till their coop was finished. We stapled a chicken-wire ring on the plywood floor. Monte and me sleeping below could hear the little peeps and pecks.

One year we brought a laying hen indoors with her eggs and they hatched out on Travis' birthday and it was fun to watch and hear as we learned the varying sounds the mother made encouraging them to eat or come under her for protection.

And too we had chicks in boxes in the house earlier on till we created a chick space in the coop. They always do end up flying out!