Saturday, January 24, 2009

Soup'r Saturday

I've got an idea!

Wouldn't a bowl of soup be nice on this wintry Saturday?

Hmmmm . . .

There's that broth from last night's poached chicken
(thrifty me reduced it and tucked it away for another day),
a few potatoes promising to sprout any minute,
that odd bit of sharp cheddar remaining from the last grating,
a sprinkle of herbs de provence . . .

Where's my trusty copper pot?

Let's boil the potatoes and broth 'til potatoes soften.
Gently mash.
Toss in the herbs ~~ ooh la la, such aroma!
Stir in the grated cheese.


In almost no time at all I've got a bowl of delicious soup
made with little more than this and that from the larder.

Need I say more?

* * *

Happy Saturday!

: D


Britt-Arnhild said...

To minds one thought. Take a look over in my blog today. A potato soup of course. We ate it last night, Friday, but there is leftovers for today. Let's eat some soup together.

Karen said...

I am *so* there. I LOVE soup.

sukipoet said...

It does sound delicous. And soup is on my menu for today too.

Flea said...

Mmmm! It dropped to eight degrees last night, and the high today will be 27. Soup would really hit the spot. I'll be there for dinner? :)

FancyHorse said...

Mmmmm! Looks good!

Sit-N-Chat said...

I have left over chicken in the frig... I have been inspired by Ruth McC and will begin to post all I consume and the exercise I get next Monday, so, today I can still use real butter in the broth.

God bless your weekend.


Becky said...

YUM! I'll be there in ten minutes ;-)

Lyn said...

I saw your lovely "comments" on..paint, poems.....
Interested in monastic life? If you haven't seen, "Into Great Silence", it is wonderful. It's on DVD.
Thanks for your blog!

Cynthia said...

Hi Debbie, I took you up on your offer (to Sukipoet) to stop I have to go and make some delightful tasty soup because of your divine inspiration! Thanks for the idea and the temptation <3!

Karen Deborah said...

yum delicious. I love soups. This is reminding me of some very tasty cauliflower cheese soup you used to make, and the little's, Gary, and I would devour!

I can't really think of any business ventures right now although sewing orders for people might not be bad. there is nothing easier than a peasant top. Tried playing "In A Pickle," with my family and we need ya'll to get them inspired. Send Rachel and Lydia puhleeze...

Elizabeth said...

I am a soup-girl myself...I could just eat soup and bread practically anyday when it is freezing out! That looks scrumptious :)