Friday, January 16, 2009

The Romance of Home Sweet Home

Returning home after a brief trip away, I am struck by the beauty of familiar sounds: The creak in the children’s hallway (A warning bell, perhaps?); the rumbly hum of a bubbling kettle set to brew a cup for me to savor; the soft sigh of contentment gently heaved by my beloved husband at day’s end, paired with “I love this bed,” followed by a giggle from me. He’s been saying that for 24-1/2 years (though not with the exact same mattress, mind you!) – I still smile each time. How good it feels to rest in contentment.

Such enjoyment comes in planning a trip, counting the days, setting off (though I confess to waves of regret as I pack to go – I detest packing: choosing just a bit to be my all). And so I spread wings to fly from the nest for a spell beset with a tinge of anxiety -- almost changing my mind -- yet plunging ahead. As I depart the regrets melt away, the fears fold up and stow themselves, and the tingle of anticipation blooms with each mile of the journey from home/comfort/familiar toward new/exciting/adventurous.

While away from the home front I dash about tasting all the newness, drinking in the knowledge of life elsewhere. As we drive down a street of San Francisco crowded with row houses I gaze wistfully at the parfait-colored abodes and imagine a day immersed in the comings, goings, and greetings on this busy street. How delightful to mingle with neighbors while selecting greens for tonight’s salad from the corner grocer’s proffered produce. Or maybe I could be sipping a latte in the cool breeze as I wave at a passing preschooler attached to grandma’s hand on her way to play at the local “Tot Lot.” Whisking by, a business woman engrossed in a cell-phone conversation has no time to smile in response to my “Good morning!” yet her pertly coiffed pup wags a greeting as he scuttles past on a rhinestone-studded lead. Hmmmmm . . . my mind travels deeper into the friendliness found in one city block. All too soon the signal changes and we drive on and away from this little spot some call home.

I journey through a maze of wonderful new sights and sounds and aromas giving little thought to home and the familiar fragments found therein. Instead, I sample and taste and process all the new input with joyful abandon . . . until the sails turn for home. As I begin the ascent to the hills wherein my home nestles, my heart begins to beat with eagerness. Exiting the highway and twisting down the lane toward Wisteria Cottage brings a warm, face-flushing smile of delight. Home!

Sitting in my favorite chair, sipping lavender earl grey tea from my favorite tea cup whilst gazing out onto the sun-splashed meadows of my garden soothes my soul as I savor this moment of perfect peace.

Let us settle down in peace as a bird settles down in its nest,
Not wanting any other nest,
Not wondering why the wind blows our tree so fiercely sometimes,
Or why the sky is sometimes dark and the rain falls heavily.

~~ Amy Carmichael ~~
Whispers of His Power (p. 11)

In the days to come I will download pics, upload memory-laden prose, and reload my excitement toward a new peregrination. For today, however, I shall rest in the romance of home and the sweetness of the familiar found round my heart’s hearth.


Becky said...

Can't wait to hear/read all about it. :-)

farmlady said...

Welcome home.

Kathy said...

Sweet post. Missed you. I also love my 'homecomings'. Enjoying my travels less and less, I wonder if it is 'old age' or simply contentment?
Welcome home.

Flea said...

So glad you're home in your own bed, with family. :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i had to break out the dictionary

peregrination... to walk... I love new words they make me smile!

kylie said...

hi deb,
i liked your blogging story, so different to my own in it's origin but so much the same in it's beauty.
i'm interested to note that you have some difficulty in getting real life friends involved, it seems a common a way it seems to me that we are bloggers or we are not and there is little mid ground.

i posted briefly about our dear little bunny zakky, you prayers would be very much appreciated. three hours on from his accident my mortal fear for him has turned to a peace but i dare not be too happy yet....

bless you

Karen Deborah said...

Let me be the first to assure your new reader that you a great REAL LIFE friend! Blogging is a different kind of friendship but real nonetheless. Thanks for looking up that big word Peach, you saved me the trouble. I finally have lose and loose straight and that's about it for my advancing vocabulary.
When are you coming my way? The end of March is right around the corner you know!

Dawn said...

Welcome home. :) I love coming home after a trip.

kylie said...

hey karen deborah,
i'm not a new reader but i mostly lurk !
of course blogging friends are real life but it's just a way of distinguishing between the people we meet on line and those we meet in person


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi Kylie,

Karen Deborah is actually an in-the-flesh friend (worked for me as a nurse for quite some time caring for my dear Andrew and falling in love with all my kids at the same time), and I guess I see that I misspoke when I left the impression that NO actual in-my-life friends showed up. She and Becky have received truly-live hugs, but hold no closer space in my heart than my dear e-ones like you. I know that several other friends lurk on a regular basis, so I probably owe them an apology too. (It's mainly my family that found no time to visit my blog.)

I am blessed beyond belief in this bloggy place where all congregate for hugs and prayers and laughs and stretching and accountability. You gals and guys really add a smile to my bloggy days. I love you all!

: D Debbie in CA

sukipoet said...

Glad you got away, glad you returned. You were one of the winners of fabric. Please email me w/your snail mail address so I can mail the pkge to you. sukipoet(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks, Suki

Sit-N-Chat said...

It is obvious you love your home. And that you are a reader-because you are quite a writer. I love home also. Because hubby plans to finish theology degree upon retirement this year and then see what God opens, I am aware that the location of home could change. God will handle that at the time. I always enjoy reading what you write. God bless your weekend.

Judith said...

Missed you - I almost always return home with the resolve to be more organized, better homemaker, etc.. Since this seems to happen everytime obviously it doesn't stick. But being away does give me more energy.:)

imbeingheldhostage said...

How wonderful to love your home so much. (I'm the one declaring affection for our bed every night and my husband who giggles). Welcome home and I can't wait to see pictures!

Elizabeth said...

I always enjoy your musings..THey just keep me coming back for more! I agree, there is nothing better than a home sweet home after a "grand adventure" :)