Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is It Saturday Yet?

Rachel: What does disgruntled mean?

Me: Unhappy.

Rachel: Does gruntled mean happy?

Me: [*sigh* I need a cup of tea.]


Anonymous said...

I loves her... how sweet is that. Though i'm of your thinking only coffee would be my call up drink. I used to have a 10 minute rule... no asking of questions til one cup of coffee has been enjoyed.

Mim said...

That is a good one!
Thanks for visiting.
Yes we are using these cold days/eve to get our homekeeping tasks done.Tasks we've put off because my husband has been gone so much.It's good.
we are in full task mode and finally we can finish some things we started.
Hope you and your family are well.

Judith said...

Well if you can be disgruntled, then you should be able to be gruntled. I wonder how hilariously happy being gruntled is?

Becky said...

Too funny. Your blog causes me many gruntled moments. ;-)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

giggles... I love rachel!
I am always gruntled when I come here!

Karen Deborah said...

That's my girl! Perfectly logical. We had a rousing good game of "In A Pickle" today, they are getting the hang of it. Please place several gruntled kisses upon RK's brilliant forehead and a big squeezey hug, for the rest of her. Much obliged.