Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Respite Wednesday

My crown is in my heart, not on my head;
Not deck'd with diamonds and Indian stones,
Nor to be seen; my crown is call'd content;
A crown it is that seldom kings enjoy.

King Henry VI, Part III
Act III, Sc I, Line 62
~~William Shakespeare~~

* * * * *

Sweet Friends,

What peaceful respite shall you find this day?

I take a daily pot of tea with my devotional time. Whether upon the deck in the warmth of another Indian summer's morn or cozied into my favorite chair, I must pause amidst the scuffle of a family reaching for goals and desires and satisfaction of needs to thank my Lord for yet another day under His watchful eye. Like Paul, I have known want and I have known plenty,* but the greatest knowing has been contentment and peace regardless of the circumstances.

Today I bid you peace and encourage you to find a quiet place to thank the Lord for all you enjoy. Let's count it all joy!** Though I carry no crown upon my head, surely the crown in my heart shines brightly through my countenance. That alone merits celebration on this Respite Wednesday.

Come . . . rest . . . we've a moment to share in the joys of friendship. More tea? : )

Your delightful comments have gifted me with the happiest of musings about taking tea together. Why, I felt as if I had dozed off on the settee in the warm fall sunshine and awoken to find my gardens awash in waltzing well-wishers eager to celebrate with me. Thank you ever so much!!!

*Philippians 4:12
**James 1:2


Becky said...

Tea Time was lovely and the gardens just beautiful ;-) I don't have tea but I do have pb&j and apple juice. Are you free to reform pumpkins this Saturday?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

how bizzare that i somehow missed THREE of your posts... for some reason they did nto show up on my blog roll :(
congratulations on 101 posts!!!
tea sounds lovely because i have come to the conclusion that I want to be just like you :) the peace and hope and grace just come out and I love that
Love n hugs Laura

Kathy said...

Good morning! I just love your quotes, your photos and your blog. You are a pleasure.
Becky's phrase 'reform pumpkins' has me in giggles. Thanks becky!

Flea said...

Make it coffee and I'm there! Sounds restful. I plan my own relaxing day, just doing a little of everything and nothing at once. :)

Virginia said...

We should take more quiet time to thank the Lord for all we enjoy.
Sometime in the busyness of our day we forget or take for granted all the blessings that surround us Thank you for reminding us.
Now , I would take that tea.
God Bless, Virginia

Karen said...

I was rejoicing too much to rest today. Micah's Voice came in today's mail!!!

God is so good. And I am so humbled.

Karen Deborah said...

Well shucks, that thar is a right nice invite,...ummm it's a fer trip to your place. Ya reckon if I travel that fer we could have sumpin besides sippin tea? You want me to tie a cow to the back of our wagon?

on a more serious note, Yes, Please, with milk and whatever else you have cookin!!!!!!!!

noble pig said...

Yes, tea was lovely, let's do it again sometime, shall we?

Violet said...

Thanks for the peaceful thoughts, much needed today as there is a long list of 'to do's... but first I had to take a break and read your words. Encouragement abounds!