Saturday, October 11, 2008

Invitation to a Ball

Strange and oh so strange, this bloglines thingy. My week has suffered stress of the bloggiest nature and last night I nearly pulled the whole thing down in frustration over the false posting issue. So I popped off a post and then rescinded it (*sigh* another false post).

Sadly enough, a beautiful post of my garden has not appeared on the bloglines roles, thus I believe many of you may have missed it. So I decided to issue another invitation to come to the Sylvan Ball, for any of you that missed it. Go here and stroll my gardens if you would like.

I am off to enjoy a chilly Saturday AWAY from my computer.


noble pig said...

Enjoy your day and I feel for your frustration!

It's finally chilly and lovely isn't it. However I just looked at the weather and we will be back in 80's next week....oh poo.

Mim said...

Your pictures posted yesterday are simply beautiful and inspiring.
Thanks so much for your kind words and visiting me as you stopped by to say hello.
Yes I've been reading you but know you've been busy.
your trip with your daughter looked wonderful.
My husband is better, 4th shot down, one to go.
His fifth shot is next wk on the 19th and then he leaves again for India for another two weeks and then hopefully the co. he works for will not require him to travel so much.He's basically been away since July, with two short visits home.
Yes poor little Cavalier King Charles Bailey has a big big problem.I am still hoping for good news Monday on the blood work.
He has been my companion since my children left for college and my nest got empty!
He follows me everywhere.
Hope you are well and resting today away from your computer.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Hang in there. Blogger can be frustrating, but we're out here reading you and think your struggles are always worth it.

That sounded kind of stupid. I mean, I get a lot from your posts, please don't give up. Next time I'll just say what I mean.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I hear dashboard shark meat is delicious charbroiled :-)