Thursday, October 9, 2008

Have You Met My Friend "Blogger Dashboard"?

Yeah, that guy right there. [She says sneeringly.]
Need a closer look?
Uh-huh! He's the one. My current nemesis and the culprit regarding my numerous false postings this week. When this guy and my little friend "Touch Pad" gang up against me I lose all control of my placid and beautiful little bloggy world.

This Dashboard-guy has carte blanche to gobble up my posts at will, slam my carefully-crafted comments to smithereens, and fling an in-process post upon the blog-waters which lays like rotting wreckage until I launch a rescue party to retrieve and repair the pathetic post. Not only am I exhausted from this little game of cyber-natural-selection, but you readers may be a bit fed up with watching your blog reader light up with a new post from Wisteria and Roses only to be met with "Blog Page Not Found" when you click for a look-see.

Okay, I admit I have crossed the "beautiful" parameters ("Whatever is lovely ...") that I set in place when originally crafting this blog, and am currently yelling and punching my fists in the air as I grovel an apology to all of you readers. I am sorry and will tend to mending my ways in order to avoid future "ugly" outbursts of this nature.

[*whimper* . . . I do feel better now and will return you to your regularly-scheduled quest for peaceful, joyful spots of beauty and celebration spread around the blogdom. With the completion of this rant I shall step back within the bounds of beauty and promise a delightful post for Faerie Tale Friday. Until then . . . *steam releases from narrator's ears* . . . I shall go take a walk in the garden. ~~Bye!~~]


Flea said...

Blogger's been giving me grief all week as well. I keep hearing from people that my site is very slow to load, frustrating them. I hope it's not my new template. Grr.

Ruth MacC said...

Very funny! I can just imagaine!


noble pig said...

That would make me insane! Sometimes it feels good to shake fists in the air...just every once in a while.

Karen Deborah said...

heh heh heh a disclaimer,...RIGHT.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Oh I get sooo frustrated with Blogger sometimes! I join you in standing with our fists in the air!

Becky said...

Sorry for your frustrations my friend. Why do you not turn your back on that wily touch pad and use a wireless mouse instead. They come in pink ;-)

PS I guess its Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. She's married?!?