Monday, December 5, 2011

Tea with a Friend

The other day, whilst pruning back my garden, I dithered with myself in God's range as to whether I should return to the bloggy world.  I missed that funny sort of virtual thingy that has brought so many new friends into my life.  I questioned myself about time and presence and came to no solid conclusion save the one I always found at the end of this conversation; namely:  "You'll know if and when the time is right."

So, I finished the pruning, went in for a cuppa tea, and stopped thinking about blogging.  When next I checked my email  I found a lone new comment left upon a distant post.  It read:

I miss you Debbie..
I wish I could come visit, 
we could chat over some hot tea and a cookie or two..
I hope you are well! 

Dear sweet Elizabeth, busy mom of five from the other side of the US, had written to me . . . missing me.  A tear sparkled in that knowing little way as my heart whispered, "It is time."  Thank you, Elizabeth, for letting me know.

And so once again the kettle has begun to sing here at Wisteria Cottage amidst the familiar clatter of blue willow teacups placed onto a tray as I ready for the first of many chats together with my sweet friend(s).

But, Elizabeth, before the chatting can commence I simply must know . . .


: D


Full of Grace said...

Any cookie is good, if it is with you :) Glad that I could be a small part of the reason you are back..I "need" friends now more than ever since we lost our home. Thanks for opening yours up for me :)

Please pass the sugarcookies laden with frosting and sprinkles and I'll have a spot of peppermint tea ;)

Karen Deborah said...

your tree is so pretty!!