Tuesday, December 13, 2011

13 on the 13th

* * *

How quickly you went from this

To this

From here

To here

Catapulting to 13 in no time

(Simply amazing!)


13th Birthday


* * *

How short the days are long
How fast the days of slow go away
So I'm wading right in
Playing your games
And I'm running the full length . . .
By your side

© 2002 Mighty Grey Music/Lil' Yella House Music/
Dayspring Music, LLC (BMI)


Kat said...

Happy Golden Birthday to your beautiful girl! I hope she has a fabulous day. :)

Karen Deborah said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I just sprouted a whole patch of gray hair!! The baby made my lips pucker up. Who are all those big people? Time is flying by at warp speed.

Ruth MacC said...

Happy Birthday Rachel. My son Sean is 13 and I am enjoying the rollercoaster! He started secondary school in September and is loving every minute of it. God is so very, very good to us. He is doing well with his work and mixing very well with the kids there. I give a big sigh of relief when I think how great it is to be looking back over the home schooling and know that it all worked out the the best and that now Sean can move forwards in school (under my watchful eye!).
Your daughter is beautiful and I look forwards to seeing her continue to grow over the next few years:)