Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Letter From Lydia

November 19, 2010

Dear Friend, 

I was wondering who might find and read this letter; I’m so glad you did. I do so love to write letters, there’s something old fashioned and cozy about receiving an envelope, stamped and addressed to me, that always fills me with excitement! Who could have written to me, (of course that question is quickly answered once I read the return address) and what do they have to say? Most of my letters come from friends in faraway places whom I rarely see and their letters bring me such joy and fun as I relish every handwritten word on the page. After they have told me all the news in their lives, I quickly pull out my paper, envelopes, and stamps and spend a good hour or so writing a reply. I include all of the latest news: the new projects we’ve been doing, my younger sister’s latest invention, and I can’t forget to mention the egg count and behavior of our chickens.

     After the letter is finished (I give it one last read over for spelling mistakes), I fold it, seal it in the envelope, and address it to my friend, (did I forget the stamp?) and send it off. Like a small child, I grow excited whenever my Dad brings home the day’s mail, in hopes that there will be another letter addressed to me.
     As we come to November, letters turn into holiday greetings as we receive Thanksgiving and Christmas cards and yearly Christmas letters. Is it already November again? Thanksgiving is less than a week away!? I’m practically still full from last year’s holiday feasts. How I love to celebrate with food; I have a particular weakness for pies, sweet potatoes, and stuffing, my three favorites. The whole house always smells so delicious on Thanksgiving when my Mom spends most of the day in the kitchen cooking a fabulous meal, and our stomachs, undoubtedly, will start growling prematurely. We are always anxious to sit down, in the same candlelit dining room we’ve eaten in for so many holidays, and give thanks that we’ve managed to control our hunger until dinner. It’s always well worth it.

     This evening, we’ve seen our first snowfall of the season. Strange, snow does not usually fall this early. However, strange things have been known to happen around here. I guess that’s just part of my life. My Mom has always said, if someone was to film our life and put it on TV, people would think it was staged. I guess not everyone spends their days chasing annoying roosters and competing in domino tournaments. I sure do (although, I’m afraid of the rooster so I carry a broom with me at all times while shooing him out of the garden).

Wishing all the joys in life to my new friend.



Tricia said...

What a sweet letter, Lydia.

Debbie, email me your address and maybe the girls can become pen pals before they meet face to face.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. This year, I will rest on the couch and supervise the preparations in the kitchen. It should be an adventure for sure. The girls have helped before but never felt the full weight of preparing a Thanksgiving feast.

FancyHorse said...

Greetings to you, too, Lydia, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family!

Scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful letter. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. May it be all you want it to be. Hugs

Kathy said...

Dear Lydia,
I enjoyed your letter. We are almost neighbors, perhaps one day we may meet. Isn't it wonderful to enjoy a life filled with unexpected wonders?
We did not enjoy the recent snows, but I am looking forward to driving to the high country for some skiing soon.
We spent our entire day yesterday trimming questionable limbs from our oaks and digger pines, preparing for the winter storms. Now we have an enormous burn pile.
I share your fear or dislike of roosters, I don't currently have any hens, but may again in the future.
This isn't a good old written note, but perhaps you will enjoy it the same.