Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Takes Centerstage

While Spring may be calling to dance,
Winter takes the lead:
Waltzing from tree-top to roof-top;
Frosting o'er the world with white. Flights of fancy in the gardens
Have been grounded (for the moment)
But my fancy swiftly shifts to a poetic song:
plucked from amongst
a shelf of lonely oldies
amongst a jumble of debatable
at the monthly booksale
As I pair a new book with my latest "favorite" cuppa
(Earl Grey laced with Lavender),
I find myself counting it all joy.
Happy Monday!


Kat said...

Paired with the music it makes me feel all warm and cozy, and yet melancoly. Kinda makes me teary. :)

Happy Monday!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

lovely... It was 74 here today and quite wondeful... just wish our colds would go away!

Becky said...

A dusting huh. We were dusted by almost six inches last night. I'll get a post up all about it tonight.

Your pictures are always so wonderful.

sukipoet said...

Just a little taste of winter, like the lavendar in the tea, to make spring all that more luscious. Dear Debbie, thinking of you. Be well, suki

LadiesoftheHouse said...

That looks like my kind of book! I have an entire library of vintage books with their lovely old covers. They can usually be had for a song at the sales I go to, which is fine with me.

One of my favorites is We Took to the Woods, an account of a family that tired of civilization and moved to the wilderness of Maine. I read the entire book on a ferry ride from WA to AK. Even now I think about those strong people and wonder how they coped with the same 3 feet of snow we have outside of our windows, except they did it without vehicles, grocery stores, etc.

BTW--I love the snow smiley face. I may have to draw one of those myself in the morning!

Sit-N-Chat said...

Hey, even if you don't care to play, I hope you will respond to the new game on my blog. I would like to send you a hand-made gift. (I would, of course, send to the first three who respond as the game prescribes.) But, want to send little something to you even if you don't really play.


Dawn said...

That dusting of snow you got is beautiful. Rumor has it, that we might get snow in central Washington today. I hope so. :)

Karen Deborah said...

ah ha! knew you wouldn't be gone tooooo long!

Elizabeth said...

I always love your stories with pictures (and stories you create with your words!) It was a little milder here but can feel it getting colder again. Have a great Valentine's Day surrounded by the ones you love :)

Davene said...

My husband told me yesterday that the year of CA in which he grew up was getting major snowstorms this year! The pictures of the dusting you got are so pretty.