Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Respite Wednesday

Christ ‘in giving himself to us
Has become our fellow-pilgrim on life’s journey.’
But He said ‘I piped to you and you would not dance.’

In the face of this Christ
I felt myself ‘so heavy footed and drowsy.’
I asked Him, therefore, to wake me, ‘rouse me,
Let me dance hour by hour to Your piping
In all I do all day long,’ concluding,

‘I have trusted in Him and I am helped,
Therefore my heart danceth for joy
And in my song I will praise Him.

So make us Thine that we may be
A chalice of joy

~~ Marjorie Milne ~~

as quoted in
Glastonbury Journey,
A biography by Brian Frost


Sit-N-Chat said...

I agree. Let's celebrate all "events" we can. Oh, that movie frustrates me. (Quite OCD) My kids enjoy it.
Have a great date night.


noble pig said...

I'm celebrating that it's Wednesday! Yahoo!

Flea said...

I'd be in dire straits if I attempted dance right now. Just finished the prep for tomorrow morning's colonoscopy. Dancing would be a very bad idea. Happy to watch you dance, though. :) Twirl away!