Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Respite Wednesday

I find it good just to let my gaze wander,
Without any concern for time
And without any attempt to force concentration.

Gradually one part of the woods catches my attention,
And then one tree
And eventually one branch of the tree.

My scattered thoughts come to focus on a single experience
And then dive deeper and deeper into that one reality
(the universe in a blade of grass).

Oftentimes the result is that my attention is absorbed
By some small flower or leaf at my feet
Which I had not even noticed before

And I am at peace!

~~ Thomas H. Green ~~
Opening to God


Michelle said...

Beautiful. If I can only have two minutes for my mind to wander. *sigh*

sukipoet said...

lovely quote. Thought-provoking

Karen Deborah said...

I'm working to hard for wandering these days, but between dancing and wandering would you send me a few recipes please? Biscuits, no fail pie crust, and scones. Scratch cooking saves money, you know best!

noble pig said...

Ah I could use some wandering time..sounds lovely.