Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chocolat Update: Enter Les Truffles

So, I left off yesterday’s post with a pic of a mass of chocolate spread upon parchment.  

“What did I do with that?” you may be asking. 

Well, first I tasted it and found it darkly delicious.  

[WARNING:  If you adore Hershey’s kisses this will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be to your liking.  If, however, you seek out the darkest, deepest, 80+ chocolate and can be found nibbling cacao nibs in secret so that you don’t have to share, this is your kind of CHOCOLATE.  It’s bold.  It’s dark.  It will scare the chocolate chips lurking in your cupboard.  Be warned!]

Next, I sampled the texture.    



Perfect for forming into nuggets 
which can then be rolled in cocoa powder.   

Et Voila! 

 Le Truffle! 

So, I made a small dish of these “samples” and shared the wealth.

* * * * *

The reactions:


“Ummmm, Mom, these are REALLY DARK . . . ummmmm, REALLY!” 

“[Thoughtfully chewing]  Yeah . . . these are rich . . . and good.”

*POW!*  [Did someone’s head just blow off?]

* * * * *

Later, I made my way into the kitchen and noticed that the truffles had vanished from the dish, the mass of chocolat had visibly reduced, and the straight cocoa powder bowl stood empty.    This build-a-truffle bar was clearly a hit.  Throughout the evening the stock of choc got smaller as the compliments flowed more heavily.   Me thinks they like it.  ; )


**In the interest of journalistic integrity I must divulge that my children have been raised by a certified Health Food Nut, from California, no less.  They have RARELY been served any chocolate less than 65%.  M&Ms, Kisses, and the like almost never cross the threshold, unless gifted to us.  Likewise, white sugar has been mostly taboo.  I make our food from scratch (including grinding my own wheat for bread).  Obviously, fast-food/junk food has been OUTLAWED and the law’s been strictly enforced.  (In fact, my two youngest have never even seen a Happy Meal-type deal.  My older kids were pitied by others who felt the need to “gift” them with a Happy Meal experience, thus they sat politely and stared at the “food” after tasting it and making a scrunchy face.  They’ve been programmed healthy, I confess.)

I share this so that you will understand that this chocolate is a bit on the extreme side even for Health-nut offspring.  Thus it should be approached with extreme caution if you are trying to access that “Chocolate is good for you” trend.  You may entirely invalidate your future credibility in the “Here-try-this” arena if you substitute this for that familiar dish of M&M’s on your counter.  My family regularly follows me on “Food Safaris” of great adventure, and even they needed a moment to process it.

Okay . . . ‘nuf said. 

* * * * *

Final Analysis of Chocolat Mission 1:  ACCOMPLISHED!

Let it be known, the Coconut Crystal Truffles are a hit!

A homerun!

Dare I call this deeply chocolate, white-sugar-free delicacy Health Food?  A vitamin pill, even?  Nah . . . that would be no fun.  I’ll just add it to the list of Approved Foods alongside my goat’s milk ice cream.  (Don’t cringe – it’s FABULOUS and so creamy delish!  You’d never know . . . if I hadn’t just told you.) 

Any recommendations/improvements to note? 

I think I may just ramp up the Anti-oxidant levels by rolling the cocoa-clad truffles in bitter nibs of cacao.  Maybe then the rest of my family will find them simply over-the-top TOO intense for them, and I won’t have to compete so vigorously for my fair share.  I just hate working up a sweat over . . . well, ANYthing!

Now, where’s that truffle I hid . . . I know it’s here somewhere . . . back in this cupboard . . . oooooh! . . . . REACH!  [and the sweat begins to glaze the fevered brow.] 

Healthy Eating:   
It’s a Delicious Adventure!

: D


Elizabeth said...

Hey!! Did you hide more truffles???

Becky said...

On my way out to rent Chocalat... sp? the movie. I have never seen it.