Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Letter from Lydia

Dear Friend,

 I love Christmas. Every ornament placed on the tree holds some sort of happy memory for my family. We call it our memory tree. All of the decorations are set out and ready to help us celebrate one of the happiest seasons of all.

I’ve been spending several afternoons and evenings behind closed doors making Christmas presents. I always like to make home-made presents for people at Christmas. Normally I don’t really get into doing a lot of crafts or projects, unlike my sisters who always have something they’re working on. But every year in December, I become infected with the wonderful Christmas spirit and my crafty, artistic side leaps into action.
However, one crafty thing I love to do all year round is knit. I like to knit hats, scarves, and I’ve even knitted a purse (it came out little lopsided but I’m still working on those). I first learned to knit a year ago in august. My Mom, my sisters, and I went to have tea with a friend and she taught us how to spin wool into thread and to knit. I did not really enjoy spinning but I fell in love with knitting. I found it difficult at first but after a few days I improved and my project (I started with a scarf) slowly grew. Now I can knit with very little effort and sometimes I can’t decide whether I want to spend an hour knitting or reading.
I also love to read. Two of my very favorite books in the world are Gone with the Wind and Up a Road Slowly. What is more fun than getting lost in a good book? Well, I suppose other people could think of things they would rather do. I even would sometimes rather spend time writing or just daydreaming. Reading novels always encourages me to write, especially when I read books about writers, like Up a Road Slowly or Emily of New Moon. It’s always encouraging to read those books and see that the dilemmas and problems I come across in my writing are normal for a writer and can be overcome. I wonder where these authors get their ideas, what inspires them? I get many of my story ideas from just daydreaming. There is a swing set in our gardens near the pond and ever since I was very little I’ve loved swinging. The motion of swinging and the beauty of being outside stimulates my imagination. I always love to swing as the sun goes down. I like to think about fantasy worlds, days gone by, and days to come. What will the future bring my way?

Sometimes I look forward to falling asleep at night and dreaming. The other night I dreamt I was on the beach right as the sun was setting into the ocean. All of the golden colors, the pink and yellow and orange that lit the sky and reflected on the bluish gray sea, painted a breathlessly beautiful picture that I still see clearly in my mind. I woke up longing to be at that beach, walking barefoot on the sand with the ocean roaring beside me as the sun goes down.  Next month, my Mom and Dad plan to take my brother, younger sister, and me to the beach in our motor home for a few days. I look forward to smelling the salty sea, hearing the ocean roar, and watching the golden sunsets.

I wish everyone in the world sweet dreams, a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.  

 I so enjoyed being the hostess at our family's  
Colonial Williamsburg table setting 
at our church's annual Ladies Christmas Tea.


Tricia said...

Merry Christmas to you, sweet Lydia!

FancyHorse said...

You're a good writer, Lydia. I enjoyed reading your letter!

farmlady said...

Knitting or reading?.... a little bit of both, but knitting is my favorite.
Always be "infected with the wonderful Spirit of Christmas Spirit".
May the New Year bring you many blessings.

Flea said...

Merry Christmas, Lydia! You've far more intestinal fortitude than I. Knitting drives me nuts, and I hated Scarlett so much that I skipped the last hundred or so pages of Gone With the Wind and read the last chapter. I have never done that with any other book.

I hope your beach trip comes with pretty weather!

Karen Deborah said...

Hi Lydia. What a sweet letter. You have always had a great imagination little fairy princess. I wish I knew how to knit. I can crochet but I don't know how to read a pattern and make something. Your mom shared "Up A Road Slowly" with me too and your right it is a very good book.

I hope your christmas is wonderful. Knowing your family it will be!!