Saturday, August 1, 2009

Whispers and Prayers of a Summer's Day

As a child I delighted in disappearing into a secluded spot wherein I could read and hide whilst the heat of the day cast her spell.

These HOT August days always bring out the kid in me . . .

Of late the signs of summer spill all around me

From the Rudbeckia on the deck,
shining brilliant gold against the deep blue pots,

To the rosy orbs of garden sweetness
filling the cobalt colander on the counter,

And on into the "Summer Holiday" look of the kitchen.

"Who's manning the helm?"
this clutter seems to cry out!

But how can one stay indoors and work through the heat of the day? Such times were made for a book and an icy drink sipped from a comfy spot in front of a cooler or fan.

And when the heat has passed over, leaving a veil of coolness in the gardens, who can resist the urge to run and drink in the fragrant beauty of a new flush of roses?

Or the heady aroma of the fleeting lily pink . . .

Or white?

Surely God never intended this much fragrance to be wasted out of doors while I am held captive soaping up soiled saucers inside.

And so I run and jump and dance and play in the margins of a Summer's Day. As for those heated middling hours? I'm off to the library booksale for more printed prizes to help while away the heat with adventure, travel, deep pondering, lavish feasting, and so much more.

But . . .

Before I go I must share a whispered prayer with you. My yearly visit with the doctor yielded a battery of A+ results from the various tests, save for one -- my white blood cell count appears to be dwindling into a troublingly low area. It has been a gradual decrease over several years and since it does not accompany any other sign of problem, the doctor believes it may be just a natural "aging" component for my body. Without a family health history to consult my sweet doctor must consult impersonal statistics.

In three months the blood work will be repeated and I ask you, my dear friends, to join me and my family as we pray for an increase in the count. There is a slim chance that a medication I take for a slightly elevated blood pressure may be the culprit. That medicine shall not be taken between now and then, so I also pray that my pressure will remain steady and normal through this time of waiting for the white cells to regenerate to a normal level.

I cannot say this has not sent some upset into my life. But I trust my God on these new pathways into these high places that I have not visited before.

The LORD God is my strength,
And he will make my feet like hinds' feet,
And he will make me to walk upon mine high places.

Habakkuk 3:19

Funny, when my children have faced health challenges (then and now) I instinctively rely on God's strength for His powers far exceed mine, and the twisty pathway I follow consumes all of my thoughts and actions as I reach up and out to help my child. Now that the trouble lies deep within me I have been stunned a bit . . . in denial, maybe, as I weigh the words and face the possibilities.

These past few days I have not blogged, but rather busied myself in the cottage routine, the family meals, and the simple pleasures of baking bread, braiding tresses, and smiling over candlelight at my loved ones as we dine in the glorious balm of a summer's eve.

How blessed to pause and drink in the fragrance of summer, knowing the Father's hand placed the very fragrance of the lily there for me to enjoy this very day. Much to my surprise, I had forgotten how stunning the view afforded from such High Places . . . a truly joyful place to be, so long as I keep a safe distance from the edge.

Thank you for your prayers, dear ones.


Britt-Arnhild said...

You will be in my prayers Debbie.

Tricia said...

I will pray for your health. I remember when FigNewTon's blood work had to be repeated over and over because the dr. "didn't like the numbers" way before I understood what the numbers meant. I will pray, dear friend. I will pray. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet friend!
Please know that you are always in my prayers but I will also pray for this especially!
I have missed you!
I am keeping busy with the cottage routines also and love being outdoors...
Your flowers are so gorgeous!
Thinking of you today and wishing you tons of joy and peace ♥

sukipoet said...

sending prayers and healing thoughts. am glad you are abandoning the boring dishes and whatnot inside and basking in the glory of the summer and all those beautiful colors and fragrances.

Scrappy quilter said...

Dear friend, I will pray too. Hugs

Karen Deborah said...

Get rid of the pesty medication and all fear for you are the picture of glorious health! Let go all fretting and any nerves that rattle when things go awry! You my dear are the queen of all that is right and wholesome in this world. No blood disorder or disease for you. You have simply outgrown the need for the medication. Never have I laid eyes on a fitter fiddle, and will not even begin to consider anything other than a perfect report. It has to be or my heart would fail within me for nothing can happen to hurt you, that is just inconceivable. As for me my prayers will be of thanksgiving for all that you are and do and for the health and strength for each day.AMEN.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Prayers sent your way - special one. My computer has not been set up in country, also some health issues - but I am in city this evening and catching up on reading. Blessings to you this evening.

June said...

Hi Debbie, I'm glad you are taking time to smell these gorgeous lilies. I will pray that your blood count will improve and that your body will be able to keep it up. Sometimes our health issues take a back seat to the needs of our children. But who then will care for our children if we do not first care for ourselves? I have had this taught to me in harsh ways. But I listened and learned from the trials.

Ruth MacC said...

YOu are the ONLY WOMAN I know who would post a photo of a messy kitchen lol!!

Am happy and proud to talk to God about you. Will be keeping in touch to see what He does:0)

Keep enjoying your Summer and sharing it with us. As it is raining and windy today in Ireland, it may be the only bit of Summer I will get this week!

May God continue to bless you Debbie.