Saturday, December 13, 2008

Double Digits!!!

The Birthday Girl
A joyful heart makes a cheerful face
Proverbs 15:13a

God loves a cheerful giver
2 Corinthians 9:7b

* * * * *

I can hardly believe you have arrived at double digits already! How did 10 years fly by so quickly? You have been the sweetest surprise from the moment you entered into being. Your natural ebullience brings smiles to faces and joy to hearts. It should come as no surprise that you have chosen to spend your special day serving others as a junior hostess at our church's annual Christmas Tea. This year's theme, "Through the Eyes of a Child," lends extra special meaning as you host a "Birthday Party for Jesus" on your own birthday.

Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of [children]
Psalm 127:5a

When you arrived in the wee hours of that Sunday morn, the 13th of December in 1998, you not only filled our quiver, as child #5 -- you filled our car! Our favorite Christmas gift that year came wrapped in a pink blankie. You were loved by all instantly with your winning ways. Blessings have overflowed from your smile, your spunk, and your special view of the world. Your unique and wonderful gifts remind us that God does not use cookie cutters when He fills a family. Instead He crafted only one like you. We are so blessed to have received such a lovable and loving gift.

~~ Happy Birthday, Dear Rachel ~~

~~ Happy Birthday to You! ~~


Karen Deborah said...

How precious! The table looks so cute and the celebration was wonderful, I have no doubts. I sent her a card hoping she would get it on her birthday but maybe it will get there soon. A double digit birthday is a big milestone in the life of a child. I remember thinking it made me a grown up.

kylie said...

happy birthday to rachel !

isn't it a wonderful thing to see the different people our kids grow into.
i never intended to have four but neither did i imagine the extra richness that each new little spirit brings

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy Birthday Rachel~ What a wonderful party and lovely table :)

dawn klinge said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel! She looks and sounds like such a lovely girl.

farmlady said...

Happy Birthday to your darling daughter. She's a cutie!

MARIA said...

She is really beautiful and lovely treasure from God!

Happy Birthday to You, Dear Rachel!

sukipoet said...

Happy Birthday Rachel. You do have a winning and lovely smile and I hope your special day was wonderful. Your mom is filled with love for you, what beautiful words she writes to celebrate the youness of you. many blessings for a lovely year ahead.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Rachel. The table looks lovely by the way.

Are you sure cookie cutters aren't used? All my arrows look alike ;-D

imbeingheldhostage said...

I missed it!! Where was I that I missed the famous Rachel's bday?! Happy Belated you gorgeous girl!

Ruth MacC said...

Happy birthday from Ireland Rachel!

Anonymous said...
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