Friday, August 29, 2008

Sonorous slumber slakes sorrow of swollen.
Sunset, sunrise segue swift semblance of skin.
Sameness supplants surgical sensations.
Sweet smoothie soothes swelling and sprouts smile
(small in stature).
Supportive siblings scramble soundlessly.
Schoolwork sits silently swirled in sunbeams.
Sounds of simple soundtracks signal swept-away status.
So soon, so soon . . . see something special in sameness.

Signed, Sojournor sufficiently suffused in sleep
* * * * *


Flea said...

What sweet morning glories. And what sweet alliterative poetry. :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ohhh I love morning glories I have pinks and blues too! they are just so ... wonderful!
great pic there!
HUGS Laura

Becky said...

I love morning glories. They are one of my new faves. Next year I have plans to put them everywhere. :-D

Superb spoem. I soundly swish smy svocabulary swas sas sufficient sas syours. ;-)

sukipoet said...

I'm glad to read sojourner has had some sleep now. Lovely flower. Blessings, Suki

noble pig said...

I never loved the letter "S" so much! That was beautiful.

CONNIE said...

Well-composed S poem! You're so talented!

Have a lovely weekend.