Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Respite Wednesday

Today I have a guest respite advisor with wonderful advice for surviving a hot summer's day.

* * * * *
Lydia has the distinction of being the youngest author included in the County Library System's anthology in honor of the library published in 2007. Her work rests alongside many noted and professional authors, including Ray Bradbury.

Lydia at age 10 ... published author.


Becky said...

That poem is great! Very Suessicle :-)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Lydia is your youngest daughter, isn't she? Congrats to her, and a huge auntie hug from Norway!

Good to be back, though my time for blogs is very limited right now. I do try to visit a few favorites though :-)

Peter said...

Wow Debbie,
what a talent! I love the poem, especially being a bit of a poet myself. It's so nice to see that young people of the world today are interested in one of the best things in life - reading!
And regarding your previous post, I am sending my thoughts.....

take care and have a lovely end to the week - and congratulate Lydia as well please!

Peter x

sukipoet said...

You have some talented children! Love the poem and the idea too, libraries are so wonderful. Providing books for all, open to all as the books title says. Blessings, Suki

CONNIE said...

Lydia, you're so cool. Deb, you must be one proud mama. Your children are very talented.

Sharon said...

This is just awesome!Praise God!Sharon

noble pig said...


How absolutely wonderful for you...what an accomplishment! Keep moving forward and all of your dreams will come true! Good JOB!

Flea said...

That is so COOL! Way to go!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

That's awesome--high five Lydia!

Kathy said...

Excellent poem Lydia!
Libraries are one of my favorite places, esp. very old sections with very old books.
I hope we get to read more of Lydia's writing.
I haven't been on line for a while and have been catching up. Am sending (hugs) and prayers your way.