Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello Big World! : )

Come in the evening, or come in the morning;
Come when you're looked for, or come without warning.
Kisses and welcome you'll find before you,
And the oftener you come here the more I'll adore you!

--Thomas Osborne Davis

Oooooh, how I would love to just sit right down and visit away, but alas the duties of the cottage call me away and the sweet husband signals distress that I may have fallen into a delicious pit without hope of rescue. He popped in to ask if I wanted a pic taken of me here in my sitting room on my laptop. I scowled, "What? Now? NOOooooooo! Shoo!" He came back by with the camera in hand and the suggestion that I post pics of our smoke-filled skies and gardens along with an update on the fire. "Huh?" I paused at the keyboard, "What in the world is lovely about fires charring my home state and who would want to think on that first thing in the morning?" He stared blankly, shrugged, and went on his merry way. I called out sweetly as he exited the room, "Want me to help you set up a blog for talking about smokey, icky things?" He laughed. I still amuse him. (Is that a synonym for "Bewilder"?)

I shall try to return for a chat when the teakettle boils at 4pm. Ta ta for now! : )


Karen Deborah said...

Let's see some real piccha's of the garden and how bout some cool recipes? what's cooking tonight?
Kathy mentioned the fires.

freddie said...

I'd love to see pictures of your cottage and the surrounding places. Where I am now is all so... desert... and the towns are grey...
Take care

Kathy said...

Looking forward to more.