Sunday, October 31, 2010

Smile Making

The other day we began talking about our upcoming trip to Disneyland and I mused about all the wonderful “sights” we would be enjoying. Elizabeth looked at Lydia and said, “Tour Guide Barbie just showed up.”

Rachel looked up from her latest “project” and said, “Guess I’d be Nerd Knowledge Barbie.”

“YEP!” we all chimed in.

[This shouldn’t come as too much a surprise since I married Nerd Knowledge Ken with the bonus entrepreneurial accessories and she’s a chip off the old block, if there ever was one!]

Judging from Rachel’s latest “fun” read and the artsy-craftsy expression it inspires in the doodles of her free time after she finishes schoolwork:

coupled with the fact that she thinks safety glasses and a test tube make sensible fashion accessories . . .

I’d say she’s well-qualified to launch the Nerd Knowledge Barbie line.

It gets even better! Rachel's Nerd Knowledge Barbie could be friends with Computer Engineer Barbie who makes her debut on December 15th according to

I expect to be hearing from Mattel any day now!

When I do, I will definitely tell them they need to expand the line to include a Makes Me Smile Every Day "Mom" Barbie waiting in the wings.


Karen Deborah said...

that is cute, the only thin better would be a brown haired Barbie.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Awesome post! & KD's right, brown hair all the way! Ooooh, or maybe brown with graying bits...