Saturday, October 30, 2010


My computer took a vacation (causing me untold irritation), but a young man with essential skills came to my rescue.

I shall be waxing eloquent with glimpses from among the wisteria and the roses in the coming days.

So much to share . . . so much to savor as we take an accounting of the past season -- taking stock and stocking up. There have been roosters butchered, final produce harvested, and new goals set. Many a teapot has been drained, many a new book has been cracked as we wind down from Summer's fun and prepare to tuck in for Winter following Autumn's gentle harvest dance.

Come join me as we celebrate life here at Wisteria Cottage with a new header, a newly fitted computer, and a renewed sense of joy.


sukipoet said...

hi Debbie. glad you are back. your sweet voice was missed. thanks for the recent comments on my posts and may you have a happy halloween full of fun, apple cider and yummy things to eat.

Tricia said...

Looking forward to it! :)

Karen Deborah said...

and that is something we can look forward too. I love the new header.