Friday, April 17, 2009

Indoors Cannot Hold Me . . .

Spring has definitely sprung around my meadows:

Festooning the shrubs with lilac's sweet perfume,

Carpeting the ground with the richest of blue bells,

Dappling the branches with cherry-blossom pink,

Awakening the Western redbud's purple petals,
And splashing great swaths of spunky dandelion yellow
All underfoot and aglow with the brightness of spring!

If you come knocking you'll probably find me not . . .

But I believe you know where you can find me
If you simply follow the path 'round back.
You can't get lost . . .

Well maybe you can . . .

In a wonderland of Springtime sensations
In a Northern California Garden.
It's a wonderful place to lose yourself in play.


* * *

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.
~~William Shakespeare~~


Flea said...

So April's the culprit!

Have fun in your garden, Debbie!

Dawn said...

Your garden is lovely! It won't be long before the lilacs are blooming here in Washington. :)

farmlady said...

I know whereof you speak.

Karen Deborah said...

yep I'm hearing you loud and clear. You've got the fever bad!

jojo said...

I love what you've written above the comment page...'pour the tea,' I love nothing more than to sit with a lovely cup of tea.

Your pics are lovely and are giving me spring fever like crazy! Almost makes me want to sneeze ;D

Becky said...

What time is good for you?

The blue bells are ringing me in ;-)

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Oh what beautiful pictures and I LOVE that bench!

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!!! :)