Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Potential: The Realm of the Possible

This day the weather dallies with me. A bit of sun and blue sky greeted me upon rising, only to be drowned in a bucket of rainfall, which promptly transformed into floating flakes . . . but only for a moment. Just now, the sun has broken free and bathed the dampened gardens with an iridescence most magical. Plink! Returns the rain. And so it will go throughout the day and week as foretold by the foretellers.

I see beyond the wetness and chill winds to a cozy possibility. With a stewing pot and rising bread, all worries over dinner preparation vanish and I freely indulge in thoughts of warm chocolate pudding baked in a bowl to be ladled out in slabs. Can’t you just smell that gooey goodness? Imagine the smiles as each returns to be greeted by a chocolatey whiff-like-a-kiss at the doorway. I giggle at the thought of such an intangible gift.

These days I delight in musing over the intangible gifts found in a day. At a time when the news flashes doom and financial crises cloud the coffee-shop conversations, I gaze beyond what I can hold and celebrate along with Helen Keller:

The Best and most Beautiful things in the World
Cannot be seen or even touched,
They must be felt with the Heart.

~~ Helen Keller ~~

My heart grows each time I close my eyes and imagine . . .

A neighbor loving a neighbor . . . really
A treasure chest . . . brimming with faith, hope, charity
A life devoted to peace . . . true peace . . . quiet, lasting contentment
A viewpoint without gain . . . only gift
A prayer to last a lifetime . . . and beyond
A contented meal of daily bread . . . fearless of tomorrow’s hunger

A Utopian at heart, I seek the beauty and joy and potential therein of a sun’s journey from dawn to dusk . . . and beyond. The noun “Potential” contains possibility, but the adjective contains power:

Potential – n. Anything that may be possible.

Potential – adj.
1) Having power to impress on us
the ideas of certain qualities, though
the qualities are not inherent in the thing;
2) Efficacious, powerful. (not in use.)
From Webster’s Dictionary 1828

What? Definition #2 for adjective goes unused? WHY? I think we should take back the definition of potential and all its power.

Imagine a cake . . . freshly baked -- tasty with a cup of tea. Now spread a bit of frosting o’er top and my whole perspective changes. I always see frosting as a signal to celebrate, even though butter, sugar, and a hint of tint do not inherently produce a celebration. Just take a simple cake and add the adjective frosted and you get a frosted cake, which leads me to smile and think joyful party thoughts!

So, I see that today has the potential to be more than just a day of pondering the weather or the next meal. With a bit of sweet icing or pudding or . . . it can be a celebration. What shall we celebrate? How about our potential to efficaciously and powerfully spread intangible gifts? Close your eyes, open your heart, and give . . .

Imagine the possibilities . . .

* * *

Every good gift
And every perfect gift
Is from above,
And cometh down
From the Father of lights,
With whom is no variableness,
Neither shadow of turning.

James 1:17

*Flower bud pictured atop from my Magnolia x soulangeana bush, sporting the potential to explode in beauty and powerful fragrance come warmer weather.


Becky said...

I love your bloomin' bench. Be JOYful... but watch where you sit, lol.

I am surrounded by potential here and occasionally I am blessed with the patience to observe it, stoke it, and help it blossom into endless possibilities which results in a scattering of seeds for generations of ideas to come.

Thank you for always bringing forth what is beautiful here. It is such a blessing and a respite for me.

And now you got me craving a hearty stew and bread pudding for dessert. MMMMmmmmm... :-D

sukipoet said...

thoughtful and joyful post. I too love the bench with potential flowers. Mmm, pudding. Today I bought a store bought little pudding, chocolate. It was just that kind of day to me too.

dawn klinge said...

Such a positive, refreshing, beautiful post to read! I love your outlook on life. :)

skywind said...

By spring, things began to grown. Spring is the season of planting hope. Watching grass grow slowly stubborn, we will see the beauty and charm of life. :)

Kat said...

That Helen Keller quote is one of my very favorites!

Anonymous said...

I start my day with your words. They will follow me though a long and hard journey.

Kathy said...

as always, your words are an inspiration. I also love that 'blooming bench'! And yea, a night without rain, finally.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

You have me humming this morning--I love the song Father of Lights! He never changes, He has no turning. Oh how grateful I am there is something in this topsy-turvy world we can count on!

Cakes with frosting, yes, that means a celebration in my eyes too. I used to think we had to have a reason to celebrate, but as I get older I see just waking up every day as a celebration. As my oldest daughter gets ready to graduate and becomes her own person I see every day that she still wants to be with us as a celebration!

Thank you Lord for good health, lots of friends, a mind to think and a clear channel to you anytime I desire. I think we should celebrate!

Ruth MacC said...


Always lovely visiting you.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Those images and words are so incredibly powerful.