Tuesday, February 5, 2013

There's Something New in the Air at Wisteria Cottage . . .

"What's that smell?  

"What does it smell like?"

"I don't know, but it sure smells good?"

"Here.  Taste."

"MMMMmmmmmm!  What is it?
It's got a kind of figgy, deep richness about it."


[Another enters the kitchen]

"What do I smell?"

[Taste given to newest inquiring mind.]

"WOW!  That's powerful, but really good.  What is it?"


[Enter a third member of the choco-sition]

"Take a taste"  

[I point toward the bottles of dark deliciousness.]

"Does this have alcohol in it?"


As the gentle strains of the soundtrack to Chocolat waft around the room mingling with the heady fragrance of pure, deep, rich, luscious chocolate, I wonder if this is what Heaven will be like?

I have chopped and broken, shaved and melted cocoa and chocolate -- 100% -- with the ever-surprising coconut crystals in place of white sugar.  A bit of water and the richest, most decadent vanilla I can find round out the dark and handsome elixir.  I stir constantly and wait with baited breath.  In the swirling vat I look deeply  . . . and inhale . . . and wonder.  Finally, I set it aside to cool.  (I remind myself that a hasty taste resulting in burned tastebuds can steal victory from a cook's challenge faster than anything.) 

Then I taste . . .

The essence of deep, romantic, woodsy, figgy, magical, POWERFUL, "Spirited" (though the only alcohol came from the vanilla's bourbon) chocolate goodness brings a smile to my face.



* * * * * 

It's been a VERY productive day around here.
I can't wait until tomorrow.

Now where did I put that chili powder . . .

* * * * *

A Demain!

: D


Dawn said...

Oh, yum....enjoy! I love that movie. Now you've got me craving chocolate. ;p

joanne said...

oh yum, my taste buds are screaming right now!

Tricia said...


Kat said...

Ooo. What a tasty post! And while I'm CRAVING chocolate too! :)