Monday, July 11, 2011

Being In a Summer's Day

I do not write in my journal.

My "gift" list lies fallow.

Blogger has not seen me.

I am silent in ink.

Yet in life . . . 

I laugh

I love

I cook

I dance

I play

I read

I rest

I celebrate nothing special . . . for it is ALL special.

* * *

Have I poured out all I have to give/say/write?


Has the well run dry?


Rather . . . I feel as if I am on holiday -- 
a great glorious spate of time devoted to simply being . . . 

. . . at play

. . . at rest

. . . at table

. . . at ease.

It feels so good to enjoy each simple moment, be they devoted to:

peeling a cucumber, 
slicing a tomato,
hearing a harp/flute duet played in the music room, 
reading slowly in a hot afternoon,
sipping a summery banana-pineapple-coconut smoothie,
simply being at summer.

"Remember," whispers the ink pen.

"Capture," croons the paper.

I reach for my journal 
and smile 
at the thought of another 
bliss-filled summer day
ripe for the picking,
sweet to the tasting.

How's your summer going?


Tricia said...

Enjoying the moment, living in the moment - these are good things. Things I am trying to do, reminding myself often that it is good and necessary.

Kat said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful to me! Summer is all about taking it in. Enjoying the moment. Blogging can wait! :)

Ruth MacC said...

Ahhh Debbie, it's good (apart from the weather :0) I am spending a lot of time community gardening and making our small estate look more beautiful each year. My gift to my neighbours.We live in a tough neighbourhood but are really blessed that the corner God put us into is very nice. Gets prettier by the year. I am away out now to tidy it up and go for a walk with my son and dog.
Glad you are enjoying your Summer. May God continue to bless...!