Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Storms = Reading Fun

After I finished tidying the cottage today, the BIG storm rolled in.  It has proven less-than-BIG, thus far -- a few BOOMS now and again, but all in all it has been a pretty nice rainy day.  The gardens love soaking up the moisture and we love the care-free watering method God designed.

Since this cool day landed smack in the middle of some pretty warm days, we all welcomed it.  

As I put the vacuum away, I asked Elizabeth to set the teakettle to boiling.  I fixed tea trays for the studious ones, Lydia and Rachel, with bread-butter-strawberry jam and a hot cuppa African Nectar tea for each.  Elizabeth and I shared a pot of Honeybush tea while we settled in for some rainy day reading.

I looked with delight on some of 
my newest reading arrivals: 

 Anyone see a theme?

I think I shall call my summer reading
"Delicious Inspiration."
And it has been . . . 

What are you reading/eating these days?


imbeingheldhostage said...

I've been reading some FANTASTIC books lately and hope to slow down a little more so that I can read while soaking in the summer the way you do. You live so richly D.

We had some storms this last week, I would LOVE for them to just keep coming. :-)

starrynightimpressions said...

I did the same thing Debbie, had a cup of hot tea when evening came. And just a few days later I am having iced tea, lol.
The rain storm was wonderful, but now on to summer.
blessings from your neighbor,

Kat said...

I love a good thunderstorm in the middle of some hot summery weather. Perfect for reading and cooking! "Delicious Inspiration" sounds perfect for summer! :)