Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Delightful Digging Day!

What a wonderful day!  My mind and soul are refreshed from digging, raking, and shoveling (though I must admit my muscles and back do not share the same enthusiasm).   

Around midday the sun steadily shone through the cloudy sky, drying the night's dew and warming the temperature enough for the chicks to go outside.  As their confidence (and size) grows, they have become very discontent living in the brooder.   

As I watched them run around chasing bugs and scratching the dirt, I was inspired to do the same . . .   

If you show up for a visit while I am working outside, 85% of the time I would be wearing this:  Boots, worn-out green hoodie, $1.00 thrift-store jeans (made back in the days when denim was real hardy stuff!), and work gloves, of course.

Rachel, my hardworking helper

Two of the Marans

All of the chicks found our digging a strange activity; 
but they really enjoyed munching on the bugs and worms we unearthed.

One of the not-so-little earthworms we dug up 

We also uncovered two Southern Alligator Lizards.  We have them all over the yard.  They hang out on sunny pathways and leafy/rocky areas.  We even have one that lives fulltime under an artificial rock protecting an outdoor outlet. 

Break time!

The day’s final product

This still has a couple days of tilling needed, but a grand improvement from when we started.  
Hopefully the next update will show a beautiful vegetable garden where this barren spot now resides. 

Quite a productive day, though I think I will rest the body tomorrow and prepare for a full workday again on Thursday!              


Laura~peach~ said...

we (mike) has been doing the same here... i hope to get plants in soon as temps are already reaching 90 here GAH... love the smell of fresh turned earth!

Kat said...

Whew! That's hard work. But good work. Don't you just feel so satisfied when you are done? :)
Can't wait to see the garden!

Jeannette said...

Do you have gophers to contend with? We have to do our veggies in raised beds with wire underneath...and even some other plants we set in strong wire baskets.
Love your gloves...it is too late for me to protect my arms and hands now...but you are so young and lovely, you should!

Karen Deborah said...

How about handling a rototiller? You might find it easier than shovels. Love seeing the chickens wandering around. That is the biggest earthworm I have ever seen!
I'm out there with as much skin in the sun as I can get. Most of the world now is vitamin D deficient so I'm getting mine. Love how much fun you and the "baby" are having together. I don't even recognize her!
I'm so glad you blog regularly, come by and visit mine would love to show you my garden.

I'm interested in straw bale gardening have you seen it?

Ruth MacC said...

My son Sean would love the lizard! Ever since my conversion almost ten years ago I have developed a love of gardening. The idea of digging away is very appealing. I have a small front and back garden but I pretend that the estate I live in is my extended gardsn and for years now I have been keeping it clean and working on the corners planting and weading etc. I love it and the place looks great!
I hope you really enjoy your garden this year Debbie. May God continue to bless you and your lovely family.

Ruth MacC said...

Sorry Elizabeth, I thought you were Debbi! Anyway, hello from Ireland and ... nice post :0) Say hi to your mum for me. Thanks.