Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Daily Gift

My eyes fluttered awake long before the sun arose. I turned over and smelled sweet lavender – a hint of the calming drops laid upon my pillow before rest. I prepared to drift back to the foggy world of dreams: flying, soaring, wonderful adventures in the realm of rest. But, alas, I could find no cozy nook, nor welcome slumber. Though darkened skies remained, I arose to be on hand to greet the new dawn.

Feeling no apprehension, nor anticipation, I padded out of bed and on downstairs to sit in front of my favorite window, “picture, picture,” to await the show.

Deep indigo sky wrapped me in an inky wonderland between rest and routine. The peace of the glowing fire invited me to watch a chilly dawn without the discomforting chill. A CD singing out in joyful moods from Bach, Mozart, Grieg, and a host of soulful composers mingled with the fragrance of lavender emanating from my teacup creating a most precious mood of sweet peace.

Two eggs, home-laid – one chocolate brown, the other sweetly pink – broke open to reveal vibrant yolks, so easily folded over into a delicious break from my fast. Gently cooked eggs atop a thin slice of home-baked deep nut-brown bread surrounded by succulent petals of local mandarin added palatable delight to my visual feast as the sky lightened to lapis, then royal, and on to cornflower blue, matching the transferware plate that accompanied me back to my favorite chair as the pageant of blue marched on in the prelude to the star of the day.

Suspended I sat, slowly chewing and tasting the awe of God’s majestic color palette. My childhood memories of green and gold crayola treasure boxes never held so many hues labeled blue . . .

The books of poetry lying ‘round my feet, even the blessed Scripture at my elbow, enticed me not from the pageantry of a new day’s dawn.

No needs, no worries, no sorrows, no tears in this purest of blue moment.

Not a breath of breeze, not a song of bird (save that silly rooster who takes his sunrise duties most seriously) filled the air. Only icy blue silence.

All is calm,
All is (soon to be) bright . . .

I marveled at the thought that this magnificence plays worldwide yet never exactly the same way in the lineup of moments strung like pearls encircling me with beauty. Ah yes, beauty all around . . . though often I fail to see it and give thanks.

Each day finds me further along life’s path. The fine lines of time etch onto my heart and visage, writing my unique symphony of life. I pray it be a thankful composition.

Frosty white mingled with icy blue as the gardens glowed in the final beams of the fading moonlight. Still I sat riveted in childlike delight.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D built to a slow crescendo in the peace-filled moment and I fondly recalled my wedding day – a day of much planning, careful arrangement, and an exhausting array of tasks that melded together and played out in wondrous splendor and true joy over 25 years ago. I found myself suffused in a fairytale moment of pure love, joy, peace, and so much beauty as I set off down the aisle to meet my soulmate.

Today the sunrise, the sweet peace, the security, and the soul seeking love I cherish fills this day with the same wonder and joy of that wedding day, and yet I had not a hand in the planning or crafting of such a blessed gift in a new day. I simply noticed the beautiful gift.

These past days without interenet access at home have gifted me with freedom in exchange for power. As I let go the power, I soar. In my life I daily struggle with a quest for freedom as I grip vise-like to what little power I perceive I possess. In most cases I yield in a tear-stained and weary form. I long to be free, but I loathe relinquishing power to trust. It is so hard to be free when you hold onto fear . . .

But, today my Lord’s gentle prodding to arise in an uncharacteristic darkness proved devotional. I sat in complete powerlessness and freely received a most awe-inspiring gift: a new day dawning without a jot of help from me.

Clouds now appear in the palest of blue beauty, reflecting even more of the glorious fire of the dawn. Childlike glee felt at parades and fireworks displays wells up in my heart, filling my eyes with tears of joy and thanksgiving as I greet the day.

“All is well,” reads the early morning greeting card.
“I possess the power, so you may freely live."

Love, God

* * *

Who laid the corner stone thereof . . .
When the morning stars sang together,
And all the sons of God shouted for joy?

Job 38:6-7


Karen Deborah said...

Beautiful, I'm speechless, I just want to sit here and soak it in.

Tricia said...

I know you were speaking literally when you said this "freedom in exchange for power" but there is so much truth in it and so many areas of life and relationship that it can be applied.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and encouraging me today. Blessings.

jojo said...

beautiful...I can feel the peace that surrounds you...jj

Kathy said...


Britt-Arnhild said...

Such beauty, the images and the love you send out through internet.
I have not visited blogs in weeks, months.....what a blessing to cpome back here today.

One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful and Peaceful Words!!!

Sit-N-Chat said...

I feel your peace and your joy in the morning experience. Hope the winter storms aren't too severe there now. We are suppose to have 3 inches of snow tomorrow and we are excited. Though we had some earlier, it is not a frequent treat. I am enjoying the winter. God bless you.


Kathy said...

There is a "Beautiful Blog Award" making the rounds of the blogosphere, and I selected you as one of "my" winners. Thank you for being an inspiration! ~ Kathy