Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Blog Has Been Temporarily Interrupted by FLUTTER-BY DAYS

Lately I cannot seem to find enough hours to blog
And live at the same time.
The last days of Summer dawdle in our temperate clime,
Reaching up into the 90s by day,
Dipping low to the chillies by night.

My soul senses change in the goings on in the garden.
My heart quickens with delight at the arrival of Fall,
My favorite season of all.

The arrival of the September Asters
Signals Lydia's birthday afoot
(Turning 14 -- OH MY!)

The arrival of a load of wood
Heralds the coming of Fall,
The gateway to Winter
The burnishing of the bushes

And harvesting of the apple

(Taste-tested by some pesky passer-by, I see)

And the returning of the Mantis Maids
To dance at the final Summer's Ball
Under fairy lamplight on the Mardi Gras rose
(Who will bloom up until nigh Christmas)

Bid me savor the last of the sweet summer fruits
Bathed in homemade yogurt

Or giggle over the latest thrifty treasure,
Asking only $30,
Sized just right for Miss Rachel --
How could I resist?

Upon placing the newest treasure in place
She tried it out
And pronounced it perfect.
Silence promptly hushed the room
As she fell through the doorway of a good read.
I, too, have been reading much,
Fascinated by Madeleine L'Engle's Crosswick Journals.
More and more volumes of her poetry and prose
Arrive from used book shops around the world
Filling my recently reorganized shelving
In preparation for Fall's beckoning days
And the early fall of night --
Perfect for reading something good.

This one reads Fitzgerald, that one chooses Hardy,
A tired one asks for read-alouds
While a younger one votes Fairy Tales for all . . .

But for just this day I prefer to stall Fall
And seek the last roses of summer,
Making sure to dance with one and all

In their vibrant gowns petal soft,

Taking care not to overlook
The last bit of Queene Anne's Lace
Peeking shyly underfoot

I shall return again soon with lots to share,
But please excuse me for just a bit
While I dance and play and live fully
These precious last days of Summer.

: D


Elizabeth said...

Your pictures are beautiful as always, but I have to tell you...I LOVE the CHAIR for Rachel! :) It is GORGEOUS and perfect for reading her Russian Fairie Tales :)

Becky said...

Fun stuff and great pics. I'll have to find a reading chair for Kiah, although I don't know where we would put it.

Sharon said...

Wonderful post.I loved that image of that perfectly red apple.It looked to be crisp,juicy and slightly tart(my perfect apple).Blessings upon you~Sharon

Karey said...

I haven't gone on a Madeline L'Engle jag in quite awhile, maybe I'm do this fall. I love her Crosswick Journals - all her autobiographical works most, especially Walking on Water.

Your roses are so beautiful!

I too am ready for Fall.

Tricia said...

I especially like the picture of Queen Anne's Lace. When we got home this evening, Butterfly asked for a reading day. I think I may just have to indulge that this weekend. Something to look forward to. God bless.

Karen Deborah said...

Me too, fall is coming but it is still too HOT! Jimmy was roofing yesterday and nearly had a heat stroke, good for him he was smart enough to quit and drank a gallon of water. I just need to clean up the winter garden, I keep saying that but it is raining a lot and too muddy.
That little chair was a fabulous find and perfect for your roses decor! OF course the princess must have a proper perch!!
Yogurt? Ummmmm so pray tell what kind of yogurt maker did you settle on and is it worthy of an endorsement?
LOVE it when you mention current reads. Will see if my woefully insufficient library has any of them! We have racks and racks of your current trendy best selling trash and lots of videos and DVD's. Where have all the BOOKS gone?

Kat said...

It is hard to find a balance, isn't it? I am struggling with that too. I guess blogging just takes a backseat for a while. And that is more than okay. :)
Beautiful post!

scrappy quilter said...

Not only do you have the most incredible way with words, your photography is stunning. Enjoy these last days of summer. Fall is fasting approaching here although our temps are very warm. Hugs..