Friday, August 14, 2009

My Fair Ladies

Those FAIR ladies were up early and ready to roll . . .

(well, some of us lagged a bit)

Eager to enter the gates
And take in some fun!

The first day is always the tidiest,
With freshly planted flowerbeds
And cleanly swept pathways.

First stop . . .
Our church's Coffee concession.

Then on to see those majestic
Budweiser Clydesdale horses.

Next, a peek at the sheared sheep

And the baby piggies asleep,

Then a petting of goats

And bunnies so soft.

This prize winning Black Australorp
Impressed us with his stature.
(Will Bossy Bob and Dapper Dan attain such heights?)

These cute chicks caught my eye.

Then on to pet horses,

Little burros,

And sedate mules.

Anyone hungry?


After a luncheon of Cornish pasties
(introduced to our mining town way back in the 1800's
by the Cornish miners who emigrated here),
a hot dog from the Grass Valley Firehouse for Rachel
(hold the five-alarm chili, thanks),
washed down with freshly made lemonade,
just-whipped slushie, and iced-tea for me . . .

We set out for the Midway.

Bumping into a chum
Is always fun!

As are games of skill (?)

and THRILLING rides!!

Of course,
no fair experience is ever complete
without a whirl around the ferris wheel!

All too soon we found ourselves
awaiting a magic carpet ride home
(Thanks Dad!)
to rest and savor memories of this special day . . .

while dreaming about
NEXT year's fair!


Linda said...

Nothing better than the fair! Ours is always the last week of July. We go to the free BBQ and walk around and look at the tractors and different vendors.

This year we went to the opening concert...the Oak Ridge Boys. They were terrific.

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for dropping by. I have seen your name on other people's blogs but i have never been to look at yours. Wish i had sooner.
I love wisteria and roses. My roses are looking almost dead in fact two are and i must get around to removing them due to the drought we have been in for a few years. I love seeing other people,s wisteria on a fence or a trellis. They take so many years to grow and flower i believe.
We have a big Agrigcultual fair in september. It is called The Royal Melbourne Show. It is becoming more and more expensive to attend this fair. Our 16 year old daughter has gone with some friends the last two years so am already being made redundent. lol.
Thanks for the name of the herb for bp but my husband who is Kookaburra blog probaly wouldn't touch it.
Hope to chat to you agin soon,

Karen Deborah said...

wow this means another year has gone by! You better watch out with all that pettin livestock your little farm in the dell is gonna expand. Here little piggy.....

Tricia said...

Too fun! Thank you for sharing your day at the fair with us. It is the closest I will get to a fair this year, I fear. The girls usually enter some things at the county fair, the first weekend in August and if they do well, we head to the state fair the last weekend in August. Next year. Glad you had such a good day. :)

Sit-N-Chat said...

My favorite picture was the baby pigs sleeping.
We used to have a big county fair but no longer. Seems like our civic enthusiasm is fainting. Too bad. I used to enter flowers or photos. My children entered art work. Fun.
I am having family for lunch (later this day actually) because my sweet aunt is having 90th birthday party later in the day for friends and family at a B&B here in town. Her children wanted a family lunch and they are bringing the food. I just had to clean because I've been doing other things, like the yard or sewing. It will be fun. Have a wonderful weekend.

Becky said...

Wait-wait-wait! You have two roosters now... were these formerly some of the hens in residence?

Your post made me look forward to tomorrow even more. George and I are going ALONE. We scored some free tickets (admittance) and we plan on leisurely strolling through the exhibits and animals. We are not even telling the kids we are going. Its simply date night to them. teehee

I wanted Kiah to enter a few projects but time flew by as usual and August pounced us like Tigger does Pooh. I'm sure next year when Kiah is in 4H we will be more involved than we WANT to be. You will probably be looking at her bunny then.

Loved the pic of the chicks, lol.

scrappy quilter said...

It looks like you had such fun. What great pictures and memories. Just want to say thanks for your prayers. They mean a lot. Hugs

CIELO said...

Looks like you fairies had a lovely time! ;) How sweet!



jojo said...

OH how fun! I love small town fairs and the food..mmmm. Ours is next weekend and I am looking forward to it this year for a change..;p

Britt-Arnhild said...

What a lovely day Debbie. Wish I was there with you :-)

Joyce said...

Looks like a perfect day at the fair!

The NW WA Fair begins near here tomorrow. Two of our girls will be working in our local high school's food concession trailer on Saturday. Of course, that comes with the perk of free admission that day!

Fair memories can be so special. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

What a fun post-- "My fair ladies", very clever :-)